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Hockey players wear numbers because you can't always identify the body with dental records. ~Author Unknown

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  • Comment on Audio: Eller gets shot with a top line (2010-09-23 16:57:18)

    Well you could but you do realize one is a live event and the other isn't. So in the hockey game they interaction is heard by the very performers you are trying to affect by the emotion you convey, while at the theater you're only going to raise the ire of some big galoot who doesn't have a set of boards and glass between he and you. So please, be my guest, have at it. 


    Hockey players wear numbers because you can't always identify the body with dental records. ~Author Unknown

  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-27 13:30:59)
    I don't beleive that's correct. The conversation I understood was over Ryder or Higgins and three other players.The guys on the Thrashers game last night hinted that it was O'byrne and Grabovski in addition with a minor leagure but that was about all the detail I heard. In any event I think Gainey was right and at this moment we're the only team in the leagure with 7 X 40 point men. Not too shabby!!!!
  • Comment on About yesterday … (2008-02-05 13:54:44)
    Great post and worthwhile reading to everyone. We all need reminders about real life once in a while.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-01-25 15:54:22)
    you forgot Phoenix
  • Comment on Habs aiming to rebound vs. Islanders (2008-01-14 11:10:58)
    Interesting and it tells me that they should be in the pressbox.
  • Comment on Habs aiming to rebound vs. Islanders (2008-01-14 11:09:04)
    I don't think that the statment is inconsistent. He currently has a job which he likes with an organization he is comfortable with. The leafs (or any organization)calls and says we'd like to speak with you. Anybody in their right mind goes to listen to what the discussion would be about. They tell him they would like him to come on board and he says sure as long as I have full control and compensated for those duties. It doesn't change the fact that you're happy where you are but can't be made happy to go somewhere else given certain conditions.
  • Comment on Price, Chipchura to ‘Dogs; Locke, Halak to Habs (2008-01-08 16:04:37)
    These moves don't surprise me given Bob's comments yesterday. Chips is going down to work on face offs and Price to get ice time and confidence. Both will be back before seasons end and will be better and hungrier.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-24 11:59:52)
    Oh Santa, please coax Bob into another trade to rid ourselves of another 30 to 40 goal scorer and get lets not get anything for them because we are so incredibly awash in those players. If we're really lucky you'll let us trade Mr. Ryder to Boston, or Buffalo or Toronto or Ottawa so it won't happen once a year but again and again. Jagr has all of 7 goals this season and I guarantee he has at least double the ice time of Michael Ryder. Please lets work another brilliant move so we can all talk about what a lousy player he was.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-23 16:12:52)
    Here's what I'd like to see: You get two points for a win in regulation. You get one point for a win in overtime You get half a point for a win in the shoot out and nothing to the loser in any circumstance. That will make teams play for the win in regulation but play their hearts out to get something.
  • Comment on 3-2 in a shootout … again (2007-12-22 18:12:17)
    Yes but hell has to freeze first. Oh and once you've paid the 52% you then have to py 15% GST PST out of the money you have left over and then settle your property taxes. Any tax adviser worth his grain hired by an NHL player is going to provide some fairly direct advice about the situation. The only chance Gainey has is by increaing his offers to UFA etc by about 30% above everyone else or do what he is doing. Get young talent and get them to think of the place as home and hope they don't hire astute accontants