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  • Comment on Canadiens draft Collberg, Thrower in second round; Bozon in third (2012-06-23 11:14:08)
    Its nice to see PG trading for all those draft picks. Much nicer to see what they produced. All draft picks are a crap shoot, but I love the chances for these. There could be two or three home runs in the batch and I would not have picked any different, considering what was on the table at each round. Gonna love that punch thrower and a Bozon factor on the wing.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 10:09:29)
    I gotta say it is just like the circus in Habsland. A really popular choice of GM makes some astute additions to the management office, and then hires a coach with all the requisite experience and track record. Next? Bring on the clowns For the inevitable carping over the choices before even one practice or game. Based on what he did ten and more years ago with an absolutely terrible team. Good thing the real guys are in charge, not the fanboys.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Devils win a 5-3 wild one, move closer to Cup final (2012-05-23 22:41:32)
    I love to watch Torts squirm and I hate to watch those boring Devils win. Martin F Brodeur has so many horseshoes he must be magnetic. Go Kings!
  • Comment on Bergevin is GM; Gomez unaware of a buyout (2012-05-02 09:58:32)
    Hmmm. Twenty years a player, an assistant coach in the Show, three years scouting talent, a year of head scout, director of player personnel and inthe GM's office as assistant GM. Looks like a guy who can asses talent. Contract law, cap manipulation, calculation and accounting wizardry is for the hired help. Nice to see a negatory attitude for openers. Would you prefer some hot head goalie with no legal, cap space or accounting background and no office experience in the Show?? Maybe a broadcaster to savage in advance of the season? Good thing you have absolutely no influence on decision making for the club.
  • Comment on HIO at practice, with video (2012-04-02 15:01:48)
    When Patrick Roy left it was because there were two roosters in the hen house. I do not see any roosters behind the bench at the top level. It takes a more flexible approach. I would have no problem with JM again. The man out coached several in the almost made it year, and the knock on the playing style has everything to do with the talent his GM gave him and their limits. Give him some scoring talent and the team can run and gun as well as play D. He didn't have a healthy Cols and Patches, with anexperienced DD, a healthy Markov or a bunch of more experienced rookies to ice. Next year's team will be strong.
  • Comment on Take me out to the brawl game (2012-03-19 22:53:58)
    I see Pouliot is blossoming with the Broons. All the way to 12 goals from ten. I guess they keep him for the Laffs. Give him a year and he will be in Van with Higgins. And its nice to see the Leafs falling in the spring. A Canadian rites of spring? Go Burke go!
  • Comment on Video from Monday practice (2012-03-19 19:15:52)
    I remember back a few years when Max-Pac was ineffective on the Habs for a couple of years. Then after a half season in the AHL with this midget center who was too small to make the Show, he started to score. Called that center the best player he ever played with. Now he is in the thirty goal club, and the center is right beside him dishing passes left and right between scoring goals. So all you wannabe GM's think a bit about what you say before mouthing off about the real guys who make decisions, and wanting to ditch players with talent who need seasoning before getting the confidence to trust their instincts. The game is so fast there is no time to think, There is no think, you just do, according to Yoda.
  • Comment on Pacioretty voted Habs nominee for 2012 Masterton Trophy (2012-03-13 23:10:43)
    About the draft picks: Its a crap shoot. Often the second picks or later are better in the end. They are all young guys playing young guys. When the pedal hits the metal and they play against men with experience in the show? Grit and determination are better to pick for than status in the learning leagues. Daigle, Wickenheiser, etc. etc. see my blog at
  • Comment on Liveblog: Sabres beat Canadiens 3-2 in OT (2012-03-12 19:50:29)
    It is interesting to note that Kabs and Campoli are carrying the most D minutes. AND with Markov back, the Goat is looking more like a genius in signing him long term. see my blog at
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blow 4-1 lead, win shootout (2012-03-01 19:49:55)
    OOOOOOH NOOOOOO! One shot so far. If they score now, Price will have the worst goals against in the league. see my blog at