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  • Comment on Bourque, Murray back in Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-22 14:14:00)
    Great vid,love it! Keep your head up. Hope he feels a little hungry tonight against leafs.
  • Comment on Bourque, Murray back in Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-22 14:08:05)
    Gets out of position and gets involved in useless battles reminds me of another Habs D that just won the Norris. I agree with some of your assessments on him, however you forgot he blocks shots,can fight and hits harder then most. That's why he's a 6 or 7 D and not top 4. If you watch Murray closely, when he engages in a battle for the puck (in the corner) he usually leaves with the puck. For me Gorges is very average that blocks shots. Again I agree with some of the comments made against Murray, but he brings an element that we need against divisional rivalries.
  • Comment on Bourque, Murray back in Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-22 13:33:49)
    Sorry, why is it everyone hates Murray? Skating? Cause that's about the only knock on this warrior. Besides the fact he has "moves like Jagger's" mom ,he brings everything else I like. My advice to Habs for tonight> pretend you're playing against Anaheim and don't take your foot off the gas. Make Kadri's ice time miserable (since he plays like a tough guy every time against Habs) and short shifts.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 69 – Canadiens skunk Sabres, complete winning weekend (2014-03-16 22:02:48)
    The Power play is really starting to worry me. And so is that monkey on Vanek's back.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Olympic Games, Game 3: Canada 2, Finland 1, OT (2014-02-16 11:02:14)
    What does it say about a Leaf fan who is part of a Habs forum? Typical comment from a fan base who would rather beat the Habs in a regular season game instead of winning a cup.Would rather see Price fall flat on his face then to cheer and support all of its players. Glad you're a leaf fan cause you're certainly not a hockey fan. Has proven nothing in his career ( Jr gold and Calder cup) is nothing? If you mean NHL, sure he has. He was a BIG part of why the Habs have made it in the last couple years. Luongo doesn't exactly have an NHL trophy case either.
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 10:56:23)
    We could come up with trade scenarios but it takes 2 to tango. Not saying Briere is my ideal centre but if he's staying then centre is where he should be. My list of players that I liked to see come here would be..Simmonds,Coburn, Drew Staffford,Hall or Kane as both are movable. I would take a chance on Del Zotto if it didn't break the bank. Bottom line is if we want to get bigger and better we need to trade "good" players to get good players.Moving DD is a pipe dream right now. Paul Stastny wouldn't hurt us either
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 10:39:04)
    I'm not a MT fan first off. Here's how I'd fix this problem. Fire MT and hire best coach for the job ( French or English)call up Pateryn, Tinordi, Bouillon is done. Trade Markov,Gallagher ( good player, good value and we need bigger) Briere would be 2nd line centre and stay there. Max doesn't go anywhere.Move Gionta for pick.Gally is third line centre and stays there. I could name players I'd like in a trade to come back but that's wishful thinking, the other stuff can be done to start 2014.