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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 08:55:14)
    A deflating end to the game and a lot of justified anger over the officiating, but we return with 3 points when it could quite easily have been none. When a team goes .500 on a road trip, it is usually considered fairly successful. And for some reason, the Western Canada trip is always nearly as tough as the California one, even though the Canadian teams are much weaker than the Kings, Sharks, and Ducks. I don't know whether it's the time change or lack of practice or what, but the things that were working well at the Bell Centre didn't work at all out West. The powerplay, which had been beginning to show signs of life with three goals but also with more net presence and more creative passing, was again moribund. We played with a bit of physicality in Montreal, but allowed ourselves to be pushed around out West. It seemed that we responded by staying on the perimeter. Last week we played some pretty good games, with Saturday's tilt against the Rangers being the best. We played with an edge and a sense of urgency, we were strong on the puck in the corners and along the boards, we were in Lundqvist's face. I'm at a loss to explain why we can't play this way on the road. But I have to admire the team's tenacity. They looked down and out both last night and against the Flames. But they never quit, never stopped believing they could win. In this case they didn't quite, but they continue to rack up the points even when not playing particularly well. The season is basically a process to prepare for the playoffs, and I think we'll improve. I also think Bergevin will make changes if he thinks we're missing anything, be it toughness, physicality or scoring.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 07:22:25)
    Bourque had a good game last night, and if if weren't for his play behind the net in Calgary, we'd be coming home with 1 point.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Daniel Sedin scores in OT to foil Canadiens comeback (2014-10-30 21:44:01)
    Their powerplay works because of the kind of passes they make - not just the scripted passing around the box, but diagonal cross passes and others. Something else they do is shoot just wide of the goal with a team mate there to steer the shot in. It's all but unstoppable. You don't need Crosby and Malkin for this, just intelligence, imagination, alertness, and quickness. I think we have all those.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Daniel Sedin scores in OT to foil Canadiens comeback (2014-10-30 21:07:40)
    The Habs' coaching staff should study the Penguins' powerplay and model our own on it. Not only is it far more imaginative than ours, it's also lethal. They're at close to 50%. What are we? A paltry 10% or something?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Daniel Sedin scores in OT to foil Canadiens comeback (2014-10-30 20:04:58)
    I agree. I think being benched tonight will be good for Eller. He seems to respond well to tough handling.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 08:56:40)
    This is Therrien's third season coaching the Habs. I think he knows his players by now, knows how to motivate them, knows which buttons to press. At the beginning of his first season, he benched Lars Eller for a a couple of games for lack of intensity. Eller responded by talking to Sylvain Guimond, who apparently helped him find his focus and confidence. Once back in the lineup, he started performing better. Perhaps his benching the other night will have a similar effect. Last season people got all steamed up about P.K. being benched late in a game in Philadelphia after he had taken a bad penalty. In an interview on L'Antichambre last week, P.K. was very frank about Therrien's tough handling of him, saying that he has no issues with being benched and that Therrien has helped him a lot. A player's goal is always to improve, and sometimes there are tough lessons to be learned. Let's see how Eller responds to what happened on Tuesday night before we jump on Therrien for being unfair. Maybe there's a possibility he knows what he's doing.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-29 21:19:29)
    I argued against the DD as trade bait point of view for the whole of last season. Your post expresses my thoughts very well.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-29 10:23:42)
    I hope a day's rest and the change from the sullen air of Alberta to the more salubrious climate of the West coast benefits the team because the last two games have been a mess. Against the Oilers we had a lot of possession but stayed on the perimeter and made costly errors. Last night we were plain out-worked, which resulted in seven minor penalties (albeit some of them pretty marginal, not to say fictional). If it were not for Price and a penalty kill that has not conceded a goal since the debacle against Tampa, we would be our usual 0-for-Alberta. I agree with 24Cups farther down the thread that tomorrow night's game against the Canucks would be a good time to make some changes. Bournival needs to play, and Sekac needs to get back in there. He must have learned all he can for the moment sitting in the press box; staying there any longer will hardly facilitate his adaptation to the North American game. Beaulieu had a tough outing against Edmonton, but I think he needs to play his way through these rookie mistakes. He was solid in the playoffs last year and would almost certainly be so again if given the chance. Coming in and out of the line-up is likely to undermine his confidence. The team needs to hit the re-set button after this road trip, as we did after the first. Get properly focused, have some good, structured practices, and for the love of God do something about the exercise in futility that the powerplay has become. Maybe hire a powerplay specialist to work with the team. Whoever is running it now is not doing any better than Gallant did last year. We may be 8-2, but we have not looked like it the last couple of games.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Edmonton hangs goose egg on Canadiens (2014-10-27 20:50:40)
    Yes. The Rangers are getting easy to dislike.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Edmonton hangs goose egg on Canadiens (2014-10-27 20:49:58)
    If it should turn out that we're fated to win only one game in Alberta, I'd rather it were tonight. I have no respect for the Oilers organization or their peewee coach. The Flames, on the other hand, are going about their rebuild the right way (although they left it too long), and they're a hard-working team. I could stomach their beating us better than I could the Oilers.