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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 08:41:59)
    The new lines, with Galchenyuk centring the first line and Desharnais the third, have so far worked well for all the players involved. The potential we drafted in Galchenyuk is starting to explode, and Desharnais is much more effective on the third line, where he doesn't have to face the other team's top defensive pairing. He has a bit more time and space, and he and Parenteau are developing great chemistry. The other player to benefit is Pacioretty. He and DD had played together so long that they'd become predictable. Desharnais looked for the pass to Patch, often foregoing a good shot attempt to make it; Patch dangled, waiting for the pass so he could release his one-timer. When this set-up wasn't working, nothing else was. Breaking the pattern has freed both players to try new things, be more creative, re-invent their games. There were times last year when Pacioretty was called one-dimensional, a floater, a perimeter player, and there may have been some truth to these complaints. This year he's looking like a much more complete player. He's more involved physically, he's demonstrating great vision, and he's becoming a superb passer. He's also looking like a leader out there - something which, despite the 'A,' I wouldn't have said was the case last year. As for the problem of what to do when Eller returns, he may play a couple of games on the wing to start with, but I hope to see him back at centre before long. He's been tried as a winger several times with little in the way of results, and before his injury was quietly becoming dominant as a third-line centre. I think Desharnais could be quite effective on the wing. At any rate, it's worth trying. Which probably leaves Andrighetto Hamilton-bound since the fourth line is really no place for him.
  • Comment on Eller, Weaver, Allen take part in Habs’ practice (2014-12-15 18:47:26)
    I don't think we've ever scored more than one goal a game against Bishop, even when he was with Ottawa. I don't want to face either Tampa or the Leafs, but if it had to be one of them, I'd take the Leafs.
  • Comment on Eller, Weaver, Allen take part in Habs’ practice (2014-12-15 18:00:51)
    I could actually see the Leafs beating us in a playoff series if their goaltending holds up. They have a lot more fire power than we do and their powerplay is lethal.
  • Comment on Eller, Weaver, Allen take part in Habs’ practice (2014-12-15 14:55:48)
    According to the NHL site, Todd Nelson, who will be "transitioned" in as temporary coach, has no experience coaching in the NHL. Wouldn't it have made more sense to get an experienced coach? I wonder how long Nelson will last.
  • Comment on Rookies Sekac, Andrighetto fitting in well with Canadiens (2014-12-15 08:35:42)
    I don't think Bylsma would be a lot better than Eakins. Since winning the Cup with what really amounted to Therrien's team, Bylsma did nothing in the playoffs. The Penguins are much better coached this year.
  • Comment on Rookies Sekac, Andrighetto fitting in well with Canadiens (2014-12-15 07:58:24)
    The Leafs look like a good team to me. In fact, they may be better than we are. They're certainly more dangerous offensively, and they have a great powerplay. They were not dominated by the Kings yesterday. We'll see how they do when they have to play more games on the road, but I have a feeling there'll be no 18-wheeler going over the cliff this year.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 17:50:30)
    Until the Leafs' first goal, they had barely generated a scoring chance. It was all L.A. The last few minutes, the Kings looked flat. The Leafs are unbeaten when scoring first.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 09:26:31)
    The Bruins are at the end of an era in which they got all kinds of "gifts" from other teams. Chara from the Senators, Rask from Toronto, then two high first-rounders and a second from Toronto in the Kessel deal. That's a lot of building blocks that were more or less free (even though they lost Kessel and messed up with Seguin). I doubt they'll be getting any such gifts again in the near future, so they'll be on their own, dependent on their own drafting and development.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 09:19:50)
    Don't be in such a hurry to write the Flames off. They're an extremely hard-working team, and they've got some nice offensive talent with Monahan and Gaudreau. I know they've lost four in a row, but all were on the road. Look at our most recent road trip and how we've bounced back.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-13 18:34:36)
    What an absolutely wonderful story.