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  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-11 19:04:07)
    I agree. When Geoff Molson was choosing his GM two years ago, I read about all the candidates and was hoping and praying he'd choose Marc Bergevin. I loved everything I read about him. I thought he'd be a great GM, and so far he hasn't disappointed me. He's put together an excellent team.
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-11 10:24:06)
    Could certainly have something to do with it. They still haven't recovered from Uruguay winning the last time the World Cup was held in Brazil.
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-11 08:08:13)
    Good post. Trading for Kane would likely mean altering the balance Bergevin has been working to achieve, not to mention potentially causing a problem in a locker room that was very tight last season. And we have options at left wing. Why sign Jiri Sekac if we're not going to give him a realistic chance to make the team? As for trading Eller, we have been looking for a big, fast centre for a couple of decades. Are we going to give up on Eller when he hasn't reached his prime yet and Galchenyuk is at least a couple of years away?
  • Comment on Mike & Max’s excellent adventure: Weaver’s dream summer with Pacioretty (2014-07-10 10:28:17)
    RDS has articles on a few of our prospects - Connor Crisp, Artturi Lehkonen, and Nicholas Koberstein. Worth checking out. Of particular interest is what Crisp says about Martin Lapointe showing up at the rink unexpectedly several times last year, analyzing his game with him, and listing the points he needed to work on. This is a whole dimension of player development that was missing under Gainey and Gauthier.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-09 07:39:53)
    Steve - As far as the Gorges trade is concerned, I think Bergevin's hand was forced by the leak in Toronto. He couldn't let the situation drag on. Still, Minnesota's second-rounder in 2016 does seem a low price; Buffalo's second-rounder next year would have been fine. The low return for Gorges was my one quibble with Bergevin's moves on July 1. As for Leblanc, the biggest factor influencing his development could be the serious ankle injury he suffered last year(2012-13). His recovery was slow and he tumbled down our depth chart, to be overtaken first by Bournival and then by De La Rose and possibly others. If Bergevin had decided to keep him with a view to moving him in October, he would have had to sign him to an entry-level contract, which could have become a problem had he not then found a taker for Leblanc. I guess he felt it was in the best interests of all parties to cut ties and allow Leblanc a fresh start elsewhere. But yes, with hindsight, Harvard would have been a better option for Leblanc. Also with hindsight, it was perhaps a mistake to draft him in the first place - a mistake that might well not have been made had the 2009 draft not been held in Montreal. There are always mistakes and lessons to be learned. The Habs' development program certainly suffered from the absence of first-rounders in those years, as well as from the loss of the second-rounders we were in the habit of handing over at the trade deadline. But Bergevin and his team seem to be doing a good job of restocking the system. If Jiri Sekac pans out, that is tantamount to getting a free draft pick with the added advantage that the player is 22 and has been playing against men for the last three years. Just the fact that Sekac chose Montreal is great. We almost never land any of these free, undrafted players who are floating around. Perceptions seem to be changing.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 08:51:37)
    A good, detailed account of Jiri Sekac's struggles to make it to the NHL: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=725640&navid=nhl:topheads
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 07:24:11)
    De La Rose's attitude is quite a contrast with Nygren's. One will do whatever it takes to make it to the NHL, the other, not so much. Nygren will have a tough job convincing the Habs he has the character they're looking for - if he even wants to.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-07 21:53:57)
    I don't think Sharapova's mentally fragile - quite the opposite, in fact. Sometimes she just starts badly, and her serve will always be a weakness. Her struggles with it since her shoulder surgery a few years ago are actually a testament to her mental toughness. For a whole year, she was serving strings of double faults and losing her matches, but she didn't get discouraged. She just kept working at it. She still has problems with it sometimes and in general serves too many double faults, but she doesn't let it undermine her. I think she's about the toughest competitor in the women's game. She and Azarenka - it's too bad they're both such shriekers. BTW, that's a practice that the newest wave of young players seems - thankfully - to have dropped! I watched Dimitrov for the first time three or four years ago, and thought right away that he had the talent and the game to reach the top. I think it's been a question of fitness and commitment for him. His coaches tended to leave (until the present one) because they weren't seeing the improvement they expected.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-07 20:50:35)
    I doubt Raonic will get to be #1, but I think he can be top five. He's improved immeasurably since this time last year. He didn't play particularly well against Federer, but that tends to happen to him whenever he reaches a new level. The player I can see being at the very top in a couple of years is Grigor Dimitrov.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-07 20:44:38)
    Bouchard is only twenty and has been on the tour for less than two years. She has so far won only one title, a small one, and been a finalist in two other small tournaments, as well as Wimbledon. I doubt she's quite ready to win a Grand Slam. She has yet to beat one of the really top players, and, before being spanked by Kvitova, was beaten pretty badly by Li in Australia. I thought she actually put up a very good fight against Sharapova. And she took a set off Serena Williams in Cincinnati last summer. But she has a ways to go, both with her tennis and with her conditioning. I imagine the Wimbledon Final was a revelation to her in terms of how good the top players are and of the level she must reach to be able to beat them. She'll get there. As for Milos Raonic, he's also making progress, but in more gradual increments. He was demolished by Raphael Nadal in the final of the Roger's Cup last summer; it was from that point that his game really began to come together. Perhaps it will be the same for Bouchard.