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Favorite current player: Cammy and Captain Gionta
All-time favorite player: Captain Saku: what an individual


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  • Comment on Habs call up Engqvist, Palushaj to AHL (2011-03-21 18:45:24)
    love the new website, guys!
  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-18 10:52:12)

    Someone should remind Jacques Martin that the playoffs have started...if this would have been a regular season game, we woulda lost in overtime and still gotten a point. Fair enough...

    But this being the playoffs everyone has to step up their game. Now's not the time to be characteristically undemonstrative or to be unduly passive on that 4-2 goal like that e-mail says. Without pulling a Playfair (that term has to stay btw :P) make sure the refs understand you're not happy about that call. And even if it's true that Hal Gill pushed Knuble on Halak, what do you got to lose anyway?

    The game apparently...

    Life goes on right? Go Habs GO!

  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-18 10:27:27)
    good article mike. like they said in the simpsons once: Well, animals are not like people, Mrs. Simpson. Some of them act badly because they've had a hard life, or have been mistreated. But, like people, some of them are just jerks
  • Comment on First test (2008-10-13 11:01:05)
    speaking of sarah palin, check this SNL skit if you missed it: totally off-topic, but one of the best skits on snl in a long time!! tina fey is just spot on!
  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-10 09:59:30)
    in case you missed it yesterday: The Luc Bourdon tribute prior to the Flames-Canucks yesterday and congrats on this site Mike, my days at work and school would be boring without it!
  • Comment on Breaking news on Mats Sundin! (2008-10-10 12:16:45)
    alfie NOOOOOO!!! (he's in my hockey pool dammit)
  • Comment on Top 10 Hottest Habs (2008-10-09 23:00:58)
    I just got home from school, watching the 'nucks-flames on CBC...GOD I missed hockey! LOL @ this topic, very interesting choices :)