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  • Comment on Diaz, Weber head home for Swiss jobs (2012-09-19 00:26:43)
    I assume that Galchenyuk is in Sarnia?
  • Comment on Del Zotto Hearts Prust (2012-08-25 10:44:16)
    This is the type of character guy Montreal was never able to identify and aquire in the past, good on MB. Not only did we keep Moen and add Prust, but we keep them off or competitors rosters as well, because if you ask most GMs now what their team needs, they say toughness. Scoring is all the Habs need now, but maybe we already got that with a new coaching staff, which should surly get our power play out of the basement.
  • Comment on Flashback to the 2004-05 lockout (2012-08-23 18:32:22)
    So, in November when the Player's (and fans) are locked out, both sides will say things like "we are close to a deal, we just need more time". I will be thinking about this month (August) and how they meet for 1 1/2 hours total for a whole week. Shame on you both, there is a whole week here to nogotiate in the off season, and you will be taking away game days a 2 months from now. The fans deserve better, you both owe every one of your summer minutes at the table. Shame on you.
  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for six years, $39 million (2012-07-02 20:13:37)
    What a stupid choice of music for a tribute video, I'm shocked HIO would offer this for their members to view. Everyone knows Price is a country music fan, not saying that's what should have been used, but definitely not gangster rap dropping "N" bombs every 10 seconds... disrespectful IMO. As for naweed235, you obviously know nothing about obtaining, developing, and keeping quality goaltending. When you decided to read us your version of Carry's resume, you forgot to mention his CHL goalie of the year honor, his WJC gold medal, and his Calder cup championship as a professional. If you don't think that this is a great day for this organization, than you're a . I will rip into anyone who bashes my Canadiens, especially "habs fans".
  • Comment on We regret to inform you … (2011-07-31 14:13:54)
    Maybe you should dig deeper. How is Gomez training to be better? how do the Randys fit in to Martin's system? or maybe how Peter plans to help Price and the team in practice. It may be a slow month with no reported news, but that doesn't mean theres nothing to help us better understand our team. Time to start earning those bonus checks.
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc on the Armada? (2011-07-13 15:24:11)
    Why am I reading about the Ryan White deal on TSN before HIO?????. Common, get your act together. I will rip into anyone who bashes my Canadiens, especially "habs fans".
  • Comment on And on the seventh day … no hockey (2011-07-10 22:58:17)
    My life not to live eh? first rule of business..... don't insult your customers. Habs (ops sorry) Hockey inside out is losing me with these condescending jabs not to mention the lack of coverage on the bulldogs playoff efforts in exchange for flattering articles praising the Bruins shameful goon filled cup run. Say good bye to all the monthly posts bragging about site visit increases, because this site is losing focus on what makes it successful. That would be obsessed fans whose lives are all about the habs no matter what $#&%ing month it is. I will rip into anyone who bashes my Canadiens, especially "habs fans".
  • Comment on Multimedia: Habs’ Markov in fine spirits – and why not? (2011-06-24 17:50:33)
    With this signing the Montreal Canadiens get two good defenseman. Markov's salary is a bargain if you consider how he can help mentor Yemilin. Markov is a fellow Russian defenseman you can teach Yemilin english (somewhat), show him the city, and explain how to be a professional with the Montreal media. Without the Markov signing, Yemilin's chances of playing well and fitting in, significantly decrease. I will rip into anyone who bashes my Canadiens, especially "habs fans".
  • Comment on SK 74 signs in Nashville (2010-07-06 20:18:21)

    Lets just hope we can get value out of other team picks, that we traded for.

  • Comment on SK 74 signs in Nashville (2010-07-06 20:16:31)

    Will this mean that the "future considerations" of the deal are a wash?. We signed Boyd, they signed Kostitsyn, so future picks shouldn't come into play, right?.