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I can't hear what Jeremy says cause my ears are blocked with my 2 Stanley Cup rings.

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  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 17:45:14)

    What about the Cap hit?

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 15:45:15)

    How come French Canadians like Gagne Briere or pick your name, scuse me, quebecois, DON'T want to play in Montreal? Why did Burrows sign so fast with Vancouver when he could have been King le Roi in Montreal?

    Is it the press? Pressure? Too many people have phone cameras? Too many people follow them to the washroom to pick up urine samples after relieving the kidneys? The 547 people family parties when 519 are wearing Habs jerseys and the other 28 have Habs T-shirts or caps-even if some come from countries that never heard of hockey? GOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!

    Is it NO Year round golf? Taxes?  Celine Dion? Mitsou? Poutine? The Expos? Or just maybe it's the Gazette's Boone? 

    What could it be? Wine prices being double? English speaking wives? Lucien Bouchard? Potholes where you lose the car? Everyone moving July 1st? Can't be the bars like Ziggy's or Chez Paree or the smoked meat.

    What is it?

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 15:17:01)


    Perreault Martin Robert,^^^Lecavalier St. Louis Gagne

    Maybe Bettman can step in and MANDATE a trade for the Good Of The Game in the My New NHL

    Lecavalier-St. Louis-Gagne FOR Gomez-Gionta -Cammalleri

    It's a complete cap wash and the guys that write in the other papers would be happy and shed tears! More quebecois, then run them out of town as they always did (pick a name)


  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 15:00:17)

    Re Kovalchuk Contract

    Here is the way the geniuses are structuring things. Let's take Luongo's contract as an example and it will be worse looking but similar.

    Roberto Luongo Contract
    LENGTH: 12 years. VALUE: ONLY $64,000,000

    Salary Schedule:


    *****Cap Hit every year: $ $5,333,333****

    If the Canucks want to buy out Luongo in the summer of 2020 when he would be 41, the Cap Hit for the following years would be:

    2020-2021: $4,666,667
    2021-2022: $4,666,667
    2022-2023: $333,333
    2023-2024: $333,333

    Salary owed: Only 2/3 of remaining $2M paid out over 4 years.

    If earlier, even more danger.

    These GMs are SPECULATING that there will be a monster Cap increase in the future that would make those numbers 10 years down the road almost insignificant. Guess we'll see, but they should pick up a book about sub-prime mortgages! N'est-ce pas????

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 13:17:16)

    Lamoriello is 68. Do you think he cares what happens in 15-17 years? It's all about NOW at that age

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 13:01:01)

    last 6 or 7 years will be little money. Will make a lower cap hit over time and an easier buyout

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 12:34:22)

    Gigeure was a nice thought but his $6M cap hit this year made it a no go


    I can't hear what Jeremy says cause my ears are blocked with my 2 Stanley Cup rings.

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 12:25:41)

    Devils had $4M cap space. Now they sign IK. GM Lou has some dancing to do as he has RFA Parise to deal with next summer. Last chance for  cup and downhill after that with Brodeur gone. Brodeur isn't the guy of the past. Bad move by Devils bad ove by IK


    I can't hear what Jeremy says cause my ears are blocked with my 2 Stanley Cup rings.

  • Comment on Deal with the Devils (2010-07-19 08:45:29)

    Anyone have any information about the new method to be used to size goalie pads next year? Seems it was passed last month and that it will be based on the size of the goaler and not overall minimums and maxs.

    Here is the letter from Kay Whitmore outlining the changes and the new term "goalie specific size where they are supposed to measure EACH goalie and size pads accordingly!!!

    Sooooo, how will this affect Price 6'3", or the beloved 5'11" Halak?


    At the beginning of the Goalie Specific initiative my goal was centered on the need for size specific goalie equipment for each individual player. With the completion of the proper sizing of the upper body and pants a year ago the focus has shifted to proper sizing of the goalie pads.

    The Issue
    With so many changes in goalie pad design over the years, like the flat front, no break or extreme boot scoop angle; it has become extremely obvious that the cloth tape method of measuring the pads length from top middle to bottom middle has become antiquated. No true standard exists. Measuring practices have fallen well behind the design curve. The league's 38 inch maximum pad length has been exploited for some time. Combine this with some goalies’ ever increasing desire to “play bigger” and have longer pads, it is no wonder the delicate balance between the shooter and the goalie has been threatened.


  • Comment on Pierre Allard is new strength and conditioning coach (2010-07-19 07:25:56)

    According to the "other" papers, losing Julien Brisbois was a monster loss. They call it a brilliant mind leaving.

    Really? Let's look at only one situation and How come they don't talk about his big CBA error of last year that embarrassed the Habs. That error in a Habs win against Ottawa could have cost the Habs a playoff spot if the 2 points would have been taken away

    Thursday, December 10, 2009
    A procedural error by the Montreal Canadiens could cost the team a significant (probably six-figure) fine for using an ineligible player in Tuesday night's game against the Ottawa Senators.

    Center Ryan White reportedly was pulled in the opening period when league officials noticed the Canadiens were using a player whose recall had not been registered with the NHL office.

    The Canadiens played the rest of the game short one forward -- a situation that could have been a lot worse if White hadn't been pulled from the ice. According to, the Canadiens might have had to forfeit their win if White had finished the game


    This violation is considered a serious breach and the feeling is the league will come down hard on Montreal to send a message throughout the league.

    It's believed to be the first such incident since the lockout of 2004.