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Habs fan since: Since my grandfather bought me baby Habs socks in 1984. My father still curses the day (Leafs fan).
Favorite current player: Jaroslav Halak
All-time favorite player: Saku Koivu


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  • Comment on Time for Sergei and Jacques to Kiss and Make Up (2010-05-05 17:28:05)

    I couldn't agree more.  Right now both need to grow up.  Sergei demonstrated that he has the desire to play with the team during his stint in Hamilton earlier this year.  He needs to show his coach that he can do that again.  Maybe he doesn't deserve it, I don't know.  What I do know is that this team needs offense and there is a chance that Sergei can provide this.

    The team looked very tired in the 3rd last night and couldn't seem to focus on finishing their chances.  Martin needs to use more players.  I think he's done a wonderful job thus far in the playoffs, but I have to place a lot of the blame for last night's loss on Martin.

  • Comment on Alive! (2010-04-23 08:34:29)

    So far the Caps haven't been winning the series, Montreal has been losing it.  They should have won Game 2 and they at least should have gone into Game 4's 3rd period up one.  I have hope that tonight will be different.  We'll take a lead and protect it.  It's what we've done all season (much to my chagrin at times) and it's what we've failed to do so far in this series.  That changes tonight.

    I'm hoping to see Halak get another chance, but like many have said, goaltending isn't our main concern. 

  • Comment on Price gets call for crucial Game 4 (2010-04-21 08:04:45)

    While I'm a huge Halak fan, I fully agree with the decision to start Price.  Last year during the Boston series I felt that Halak deserved a chance after game 2 or 3 (I forget which exactly) but that did not happen.  I'm happy that the right move was made today.  Here's hoping we a Cam Ward like performance from here to the cup :P  (yeah, I hate him too, but that cup run was something else).

    I really hope O'Byrne gets his chance tonight.  He's been big for us at times this year and I think he'll be ready to up his game given the chance tonight.  Ditto SK74.  Oh, and please limit MAB's ice time.  Yeesh.

    Go Price.  Go Habs.  We're taking this back to Washington tied at 2!