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  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 1 – Weise goal seals 5-4 OT thriller (2014-04-16 21:58:14)
    Which goal was Price supposed to stop? The only questionable one was Stamkos's first one......but sheesh - ya think he hasn't scored from there before on ANY goalie. MT thinks this is minor hockey and he has to play all his players equally? Subban had a great first two periods except for his STUPID penalty. Now he is flopping all around out there. good news is we out played them tonight......should help with the confidence then again a loss after you do SUCKS. Prust looks rusty out there. let's get this one......bolts willcome out like gangbuster......hang on for the first few minutes.
  • Comment on Habs closing in on home ice for playoffs (2014-04-07 14:26:44)
    We WILL sign PK. We WILL sign Markov. We WILL sign Weaver. We WILL re-up with Eller. Don't trade him when his value is low. MB knows this as we all do. Not sure we'll get/sign Vanek - he's going to Minny as we all know. I am on the band wagon here that we have a chance now (even though a month ago I said NO WAY EVER will he stay here) if we have a deep run cuz Vanek knows it ain't always greener in Minny. In the East he knows we can make it to the finals in his contract term (I assume we'll give him 6 years or more and hopefully not 8). He knows the city is electric and his a hockey mad city. In Minny he knows the chances coming out of the West and actually having a chance at a Cup is not very high. So does he take the money or does he actually want a Cup?? He already has made enough dough so hopefully he stays in Montreal.
  • Comment on Budaj to start for Habs vs. Sens; Beaulieu called up after Murray suspended 3 games (2014-04-03 17:43:20)
    We are not going to trade our future prized goalie prospect in Fucale. Besides you won't get much for a goalie in a trade any more unless you are Ryan Miller. UFA's galore this offseason and we saw all the goalie trades at the deadline. Won't fetch much at all. No point. We need to sign our own players like Marky and PK and Vanek and Eller - let's not talk trades yet especially our future. OK - Bourque needs to go (we'll be eating $800 K of his contract per year) as does Moen or Prust to give us some cap relief (my guess is we trade Moen and will at least get something and won't have to eat salary) to do these signings and stil have money left over for another WINGER with size. If we can get something for Briere and unload THAT salary too - go for it. Bournival is ready for top 6 minutes next season.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Nilan throws an elbow as Habs head to playoffs (2014-04-03 11:16:21)
    We are not going to re-sign Gionta UNLESS we get rid of another small forward. Size Size SIZE SIZE is the obvious reason. Gionta is clearly on the back nine and would want a three year deal or four year deal like Cole did. gotta fill the pockets before you retire and he has all the rights to do it. Be happy for him but let him walk. We need to get younger and bigger. gionta can't finish any more. Tired of over paying for guys with little size. He was a solid captain but its time to move on. spend the money and over pay for Vanek if we have to or Moulson. We need some finish/goal scorers with some size. Scooby doo better pick up his game or I am afraid the habs are going to low ball him again and he'll walk or get traded. Oilers would give us a fortune for him but dmen like PK are impossible to replace.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 10:37:03)
    DD made a brutal pass to cost us the winning goal....let's just call it how it is. Eller - two penalties in the offensive zone but seriously one was a WEAK WEAK call. Bouillon is the worst dman on our team and needs to sit the rest of the season. The guy continues to leave the front of the net vacant when his partner is behind the net. He continues to stay so WIDE in the offensive zone thinking he can score goals. I have no idea why Daigneault can't see this and doesn't tell me to stay close to his partner. He wonders constantly and makes BRUTAL reads on a rush. Takes for ever to get into position in his own zone and makes horrible outlet passes. I know I am ranting about this guy but holy smokes was he aweful last night. He has played about 5 really solid games this season. Would rather be developing tinordi than playing Booey cuz MT likes him. Habs made they playoffs and I am tickled pink we get the bolts in round one.....let's be serious here - we don't want to play Boston til round two....and we don't want the wings.....and the leafs - well we know it would have been a war and would have taken a lot of energy out of us for round two.....Bolts are a perfect match-up for us.....i am totally ok with us starting on the road....get a split and we are off to the races. Prust and Weise will be back.....probably Moen as well....I just hope that means bournival doesn't get sent to the press box. bourque and white to me are for sure two that sit over these guys....not sure who else but it could very well be Eller.....which would keep his contract price down...and yes i would still sign him at a good price this offseason....he'll be a good player....$3 M times 5...sign him! Markov - games like last night make me thinks $5 M per is fair value...times 2 or 3 years....looked very slow....but still love the guy.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-30 13:40:46)
    Totally ok with starting on the road for the playoffs. Ownership won't but heck its only for one round any way. We can knock of the bolts in 6 and get 3 home dates regardless.....we'll win in six having home ice or not. Bishop is not the same goalie in the second half here we can light him up a bit....to be honest I hope we get smoked on Tuesday and let them think they have us.....we lost to the B's in SEVEN after taking games one and two in Beantown.....I'll take those odds again any day.....we may have the hottest line in hockey right now.....if not they are extremely close. We are going to score some goals - those 2-1 games vs TB will not be happening. Callahan scares me for their secondary scoring cuz he is a playoff BEAST....so they key will be our third line and Hedmen vs Vanek and company. Briere is mister playoff so I like our chances....let's not forget about our fourth line either which is one of the best in hockey.....B's have the best....we are darn close to the second best with Prust Eller and Bournival. PK Subban - 8 years times $7 M. Vanek - 6 Years times $7.5 M - I think he is starting to like having a great line and team to play with.....Minny - I think everyone knows that team still has loads of holes to fill.....good luck getting a ring in Minny......in the WEST - forget it..... Markov - 3 Years time $5 M We WILL get rid of Bourque this off - season and probably Briere too. rumor mill did say there was 3 teams interested in Briere. Bourque will head out West for a draft pick but we'll have to EAT some of his salary - guessing 750 K.......that's ok....at least we'll shed some cap space and get some more size up front that actually have heart....sorry Bourque but you HAVE to go.....if U have a great playoff again here I'll eat my words....same as Briere.....but for $4 Mil - Danny has to go as well. Even though Briere was signed to replace Gionta next year - not sure this is a good trade off.....gionta is awesome defensively and gives his ALL every game even though he can't score any more.....you gotta love his defensive side of his game. Habs sure have a great back end FUTURE.....but I am ok with dangling some of our blue chip blue liners for some Offensive forwards with size and grit. enjoy the playoffs........
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 76 – Canadiens top Panthers 4-1, W streak hits five (2014-03-29 21:41:16)
    bjustad is a solid player.....Hayes is huge but not sure just yet how good he'll be.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 76 – Canadiens top Panthers 4-1, W streak hits five (2014-03-29 21:40:20)
    time out...really FLA?? its OVER.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 76 – Canadiens top Panthers 4-1, W streak hits five (2014-03-29 21:39:48)
    looks like we got the two points.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 76 – Canadiens top Panthers 4-1, W streak hits five (2014-03-29 21:39:24)
    pacman out for the hatty.