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  • Comment on Habs are a good team, but there’s still work to do (2015-01-09 17:01:24)
    Briere has been a flop in Denver and they would do a do over in a heart beat if they could. It was a great trade for the habs to bring in Parenteau. Still shocked we got this deal done.
  • Comment on Price in goal, but no other lineup changes for Habs against Devils (2015-01-02 13:52:09)
    Bergy won't give up a first rounder unless it is for Yakupov. Those days are gone for the habs. bergy is smart. Perron is worth a second rounder that is it. pens over paid. Oilers win the trade. Habs and Perron were a fit but ce la vi. Key in on Yakupov in the summer when the Oilers really start to unload and be aggressive with their roster players and yet another rebuild. Habs need a top 6 winger with size and there will be many available by deadline day again this year. Can't see Bergy even trading a second rounder again especially in the 2015 draft but he knows we need an upgrade up front in the top 6 if we are going to win a cup or go on a deep run again. He mentioned it time and time again in the summer about that trade and regretted it in the end. Gilbert has done just fine and vs NJ - we need a puck mover not a shot blocker in the line-up like Weaver. We'll need 3 tonight cuz the Devils are getting Elias (hab killer) and Ryder back. Thank goodness the back up is in for NJ but winning there has been impossible over the years. Win one of the next two and it will be a GREAT road trip. With the bolts and pens up again next week - let's keep our train rolling. I do not like the new Plekanec line at all. but hard to argue with the roll the team is on right now. good luck in getting 2 pts tonight boyz.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-02 11:01:43)
    Desharnais has had a fairly good season. He does need to shoot a heck of a lot more. But at $3.5 M he is earning his pay cheque since Dec of 2013. He is not a first line centre but we have to admit there is chemistry with him at Patches. Would I deal him for Perron or even Yakupov - in a HEART beat but we all know we'll have to give up more than just him to get either of these guys. DD has been taking care of his own end quite well this season as well. One more season of Galchenyuk on the wing and he'll be moved to the middle and then we will still have a couple years of development for him to be our number one centre (heck he's only what 21?). Bergevin will make a spot there for him by making a trade. Let's not be giving Plekanec a free pass here for the last couple of weeks either. Where has his offence gone? I do think Plekanec (UFA after next season) or Eller or DD will be moved here before the deadline or in the summer. Staal or Marleau are up for grabs. Let's land one of these guys and get a BIG number one centre that we have been lacking since who/when Bobby Smith??
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens trounce Bruins for fourth in a row (2014-11-14 00:23:50)
    Gilbert is soft but does good things as well. Weaver is our most solid dman on the pk and takes minutes up from our big guys. Gonchar - nothing new....old and slow....but I like him on the pp thus far. Subban has yet to hit stride....which is great news for us cuz its coming where he will dominate for a month straight. Emelin was good but man he still has major brain farts defensively....still isn't used to the left side. Markov - smart and crafty. But we need to save his legs for the playoffs. I say we dress NB as much as we can max his development and rest some of our older legs and be more fresh for a long spring. Bruins are tired and beat up right now. Just like the leafs last night.....it doesn't mean much and we shouldn't over react to this W....heck the b's are back to back nights. no krejci or chara.....oh well......we got the two points tonight in a 4 point game....and are 2 -0 vs the b's this season.....its great. philly, Detroit, pens, st Louis, boston, and rangers are SIX big games coming up....if we can get 6 or 7 pts out of 12 this would be HUGE.... bergevin isn't done wheeling and dealing....expecting another deal.....yakupov.......or a big centre like Staal or Marleau. long ways to go yet but many points are in the piggy bank already.....no separation just yet.....bolts, wings, habs, bruins, sens, and leafs....sheesh.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 17:47:18)
    Bourque should sit instead of Eller. Niether will be traded. both are playoff performers and deserve another chance now. If you were going to trade Bourque - the time was in the off-season. Can't do it now. MB got rid of Briere off our books and the brutal cap hit for this season. I am disappointed Sekac isn't playing again as well. He and Bournival can skate - get them in there. Bergy will make a deal around deadline day as well. I have heard he is working on a deal for Eric Staal and Eller is front and centre of the "package" as well as one of our young D (sounds like Nathan B) and somebody in Hamilton (Thomas). I'll believe it when I see it but it has been known for a while Bergy is trying to land that BIG CENTRE.
  • Comment on ‘You’ve got to thank Pricer for that one,’ Pacioretty says after Habs win over Flames (2014-10-29 16:11:20)
    NO way no how are the Sabres giving up Grig for Moen EVER. They were very happy with his camp this year. Last year we had a shot at him. Elliott Freedman talked about Grig and said Sabres are going to wait him out another year cuz he improved greatly and was almost a bust. I would take Myers and Grig for Andreghetti, Thomas, Prust, and Pateryn.
  • Comment on ‘You’ve got to thank Pricer for that one,’ Pacioretty says after Habs win over Flames (2014-10-29 16:05:20)
    Eller doesn't have a high IQ in the offensive zone. Pacman needs to pick it up and start scoring some freaking goals. Our fourth line hasn't scored a goal year have they? I have been impressed with Moen this season. He has played better than Prust and to me has been a stud on the Penalty Kill. Malhotra seems to have lost his mojo in the last few games on face-offs. If he doesn't start winning more maybe it is his turn to sit cuz he brings ZERO and I mean ZERO offence to the table. Hence $850 K cap hit. If Sekac doesn't get back into the line-up here I will hit the roof. Bourque, Prust, Weiss - take your pick.....none of them have done much the last two games. Play Bournival AND Sekac tomorrow night. Sit Prust and Bourque. Weiss stays in cuz habs are playing the team that traded him so he may light up the scoreboard. Pretty sure it will be Eller and his line vs Sedins all night long....with Pleky getting the odd shift out there against them. Nucks are playing well....the game should be interesting being our fourth game in six nights and four different cities......and yup three in four nights. Last time we played four games in six nights we all know what the BOLTS did to us (nice 7-1 thumping). One more point is nice but wanted 4 out of 6 on this trip....so get er done boyz!
  • Comment on Canadiens head to Calgary after shutout loss in Edmonton (2014-10-28 17:23:16)
    Beaulieu just needs to play and he'll find it. The righty lefty thing - who cares this early in the season.....sit Weaver or Gilbert....play Tinordi AND Nathan til about game 40 with the odd game as a scratch and then we'll know who is number 6 or 7. Perhaps by playing them both every night we will see they are BETTER than Weaver or Gilbert.....but the kids need to play. And not be in and out like this. Scared if they make a mistake and they are OUT. Can't play that way. They are both young and mistakes will happen.....don't be telling me Gilbert or Weaver don't make mistakes cuz they sure do as well. Our pk has been great of late and Weaver is a big part of that. Bench Bourque tonight. He is going to have his slump now after a great start to the season. He was solid on Saturday but BRUTAL last night. I think we need Sekac in the line-up tonight. Not sure I want Moen in tonight either. Bournival needs to play as well....let's get him in there. Malhotra had his worst game of the season last night. He needs to be better. And I am sure he will be. If we can keep it close til the third period we have a chance.....I expect us to be FLAT to start cuz of back to backs.....will Price stand on his head and keep us in there? Flames are playing well and really make you earn your space on most nights. Will the "tired" habs bring their work boots? I hope so cuz if not Flames win this one handily. Pay the price in front of their net tonight boyz and we'll come out of Alberta with a split. If we want to win our division we can't get ZERO points against bottom feeders of the WEST. FOUR points should have been automatic in these THREE games. We can still get them but right now I'll settle for TWO out of SIX.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Edmonton hangs goose egg on Canadiens (2014-10-27 23:25:41)
    the oilers look like cup champs when they play the habs.....we play run and gun against them for some reason.....and our coach is only worried about tomorrow night and this back to back stuff.....why are we not worrying about today first......now we are going to get ZERO points in two nights.....flames are going to eat us up with their work ethic and us wanting to play SHINNY. oh well 7 and 3 is still a heck of a start to the season. I hope the oilers suck in the third and we continue our 3rd period dominance but my spidey sense tells me we are in deep doo doo.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Edmonton hangs goose egg on Canadiens (2014-10-27 20:37:22)
    Habs should be sitting Weaver tonight instead of Tinordi.....play the kids here...don't care about lefties and righties......oilers are FAST......I am ok with no Price tonight.....he has sucked in oil country.....I get to see him tomorrow here in Calgary.....let's get 3 points minimum here out west in 3 games....start off with two tonight and get it rolling. I would also play Bournival instead of Moen but Travis is from Sask too....tough call but we need speed tonight. We will need four to win tonight.