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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets preview: Smith-Pelly to make Habs debut; Thomas a healthy scratch (2015-02-25 17:59:21)
    Jagr for a 3rd rounder. This will help our PP and our roster get OLD. We need a top 6 and Jagr can be had for cheap. I would rather just trade a prospect or two (lower end like Dumont and Andrigetto) and keep the pick. We have room down in Hamilton and need to get under the 50 contract limit). If the price for a RENTAL dman is a first rounder. Let's stay FAR away from that. Polak - really? Forget it...our Hamilton boys are doing just fine. We need offence not D.....
  • Comment on Habs trade Jiri Sekac to Anaheim for Devante Smith-Pelly (2015-02-24 14:41:16)
    Sekac will score 25 in this league without question - I love his skill and how he drives to the net with the puck and let's not forget he is 6 "2". He was a liability defensively and turned the puck over quite a bit lately. He is definately going to be a better player in the EAST conference vs the West due to his style. Not rocket science. So very surprised the ducks bit on this offer for what they need right now? DSP is exactly what the habs need though and needs right now. Especially with being a right handed shot AND he hits. This helps us against teams like Tampa AND the Rangers or Caps come the post season. We have too many "Sekac's" now who are more on the "soft" side which doesn't cut it if you want to win a cup or heck even make it to the finals. We lose on skill in this trade but we get our grit we need AND a right handed shot who has had success in the playoffs on the stat sheet and plays the game the way it is played in April. who wins the trade in the end? tough to say. For the short term (3 years or so?) - I say Habs do because for NOW we get a cheaper cap hit and we get exactly what we need right now with our roster and prospects.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens defeated and depleted in Ottawa (2015-02-18 21:53:59)
    Habs are tired and will be more tired tomorrow. They have played a lot of puck recently and this stretch of a lot of games continues. All teams go thru it.....so expect some more losses along the way. We'll be fine in the end though just gotta stay healthy. Waiting for bergy to get us a top 6 forward. Its coming just a matter of when.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Senators preview: Tokarski, Pateryn, Sekac in lineup for Habs (2015-02-17 16:24:02)
    wow. Eller Tinordi AND a first round pick for Yakupov?? Wow so we are going to trade THREE first rounders for ONE who has struggled in Edmonton and seems to have an attitude problem. NO way do I make that deal. Way too much guys. Oilers want Eller because he has size and plays the middle. Yakupov has turned it up lately but sorry Eller is worth something big on the open market. Eller and Paeteryn and a 3rd rounder should get the deal done if Bergy wants it. No way am I trading Tinordi. The habs have developed him and he is exactly what we need on the backend. Size and grit. Give him a few years yet - he'll be our shut down dman and be our #1 penalty killing dman. These type of D are HARD to find as you know. Eller - yup he isn't putting up the points right now but I'll take him as my third line centre in the playoffs NO problem. i would like to take a chance on Yak too - but not for THAT price. Sheesh.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Red Wings preview: Gilbert will take Gonchar’s spot for Habs (2015-02-16 14:29:36)
    Habs lose tonight. Book it. Wings have lost two straight. Gilbert is no Gonchar. the boyz are tired. they have played a lot of hockey as of late. Not dressing Sekac is a HUGE mistake. He was a BEAST last time we played them in the motor city. Malhotra can't keep up and wings get last change. Wings by 2. and it really hurts to say that as I want to get up on these guys by 6 points and get some separation in the standings from these guys. oh well. bergy is going to land a top six forward....as I said before I am ok with Jagr only because Pleks and him have chemistry. Wouldn't mind seeing Cole back with pacman and DD.....but pk wouldn't be too pleased and I don't want a cancer in the room.....so who knows who we will land.....but this is for certain - we are ADDING on or before March 2 in the forward department.
  • Comment on Oilers vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski will start in goal for Habs (2015-02-11 16:22:15)
    Habs have been connected to the Yandle sweepstakes for sure. Will Bergy trade NB or Tinordi? Possibly. But it will also take a first rounder to get this done and Bergy will not trade his first rounders - no way no how. I can see him landing Vermette or yes Jagr as their rental this year. The name I keep hearing going the other way is Thomas or Thrower and a draft pick. I hope we don't trade a second rounder again......maybe for Vermette I would add a 3rd rounder but not Jagr. Thomas and a 5th should get it done. If they get Jagr he will play with Plekanec....then I can see the habs putting the EGG line together and going with Sekac Jagr and Pleks as their second line. We need more goals and Bergy will load up with a top six forward before March 2nd. Its a given. Just wondering who.
  • Comment on Pacioretty-Desharnais reunited on first line at practice; de la Rose called back up from Hamilton (2015-02-05 13:08:45)
    Fair enough.....U R right - should answer my own question. Myers is over rated isn't he? I would want more if we include Fucale. Oh well - probably just a rumor and I blabbed on here for nothing.
  • Comment on Pacioretty-Desharnais reunited on first line at practice; de la Rose called back up from Hamilton (2015-02-05 12:40:00)
    tsn is the source in the comments section....I know weak but its there and it says it just happened.....so if I don't see or hear anything in about 30 minutes confirming it.....just a rumor.....I don't want us to give up Fucale unless it is for a front line forward....top 6 with size......he has too much talent....we have lots of D in our "system" just not ready yet.....we wont' beat the Ducks or Hawks and win a cup any how this year.....stay the course.
  • Comment on Pacioretty-Desharnais reunited on first line at practice; de la Rose called back up from Hamilton (2015-02-05 12:34:30)
    Is it true. Habs trade Emelin, Fucale, and Andrighetto for Tyler Myers?
  • Comment on Habs are a good team, but there’s still work to do (2015-01-09 17:01:24)
    Briere has been a flop in Denver and they would do a do over in a heart beat if they could. It was a great trade for the habs to bring in Parenteau. Still shocked we got this deal done.