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  • Comment on Canadiens seek afternoon delight in Philly (2011-11-25 08:57:18)
    Barring any Black Friday miracle, it looks like I'll be stuck at work during the game today.. Does anyone have a link for where I can stream the game today? Please, someone help!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-24 08:50:07)
    I feel much better after sleeping on the loss. It truly could have gone either way, it just didn't go ours. The boys played their hearts out, and CP31 did what he could to keep us in it. It bodes well for a game 6 back in MTL. I expect the team to keep their hearts in it and we will send this series back to Boston for what should be an epic game 7 showdown. Each and every game of this series, could have gone either way, we are very evenly matched, even though we are down some very vital pieces of our team. I know we as Hab fans have no middle ground. We're either too high or too low, but now's when the team needs us to rally around their efforts, and make sure the Bell Center is louder than ever on Tuesday. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and a couple of days off from the intensity that is a Boston/MTL playoff series. I still have faith. I have to. Afterall, I'm with the Habstilidie! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Season resumes (2010-12-26 08:20:35)

    Smells like hockey!!  Well actually, it smells like maple smoked bacon in my house, but you get what i'm saying!!

  • Comment on The dread Dec. 23 (2010-12-23 09:10:27)

    Ahhhhh...  There's so much room to stretch out on this wagon!  Get over it people!  We are currently slumping, as 29 other teams manage to do each and every year.  It's better to battle our way out of it now, with lots of time left in the season to work out the kinks.  This is the most solid team we've had in about 15 years, and I for one am refreshed at the "no quit" attitude we currently show on the ice.  We have great leaders who talk to eachother on the ice.  I'm not saying that I don't drink the occasional pessimist cocktail every now and then, but I wake up the same every morning.  Ready for another win.  Tonight's tilt should provide a great pace between 2 hungry teams hunting for position.  In this NHL, every team has a chance to win every night, nobody can be taken lightly.  So let's hope for a great game tonight and our boys showing us their true CHaracter. 

    Happy Holidays to everyone here and Go Habs Go!!!

  • Comment on Game 14: Kovalev’s pair buries Canadiens (2010-11-07 07:40:04)

    I'm not going to disagree with you Adam, but the point of getting rid of one of our netminders, was NOT taking salary back in return.  I'd love to have Perron or Boyes back for Halak, but that wasn't in the cards.  Eller could be something special in the future, but he's got alot to learn.  We as fans just need to be patient with the progress.  As for Schultz, he was a throw in that may or may not make a difference in the future. 

  • Comment on Game 14: Kovalev’s pair buries Canadiens (2010-11-07 07:28:15)

    Now that I completely agree with.  Our coach surely does have a soft spot for vets and journeymen.  I'm not saying that I don't appreciate the smarts of Halpern et al, but give the kids a chance too.  To me, Eller could be the next Pleks(in a few years), that is unless JM has something to say about it.  I'll defend the habs to the end of the world, but I won't agree with the way he kills the confidence of an up and comer.  He needs to let these kids come into their own, let them play their game and learn from the many leaders we have on our roster.

  • Comment on Game 14: Kovalev’s pair buries Canadiens (2010-11-07 07:10:39)

    I'm just as big of a Halak fan as the next.  He's playing out of his mind like we all knew he could.  But seriously, HE PLAYS FOR THE BLUES NOW!!!!  The trade is months old, yet people talk about it here as if it could be reversed?!?  I'm sorry to say it, but you guys really need to get over it, or simply switch teams.  Crying about it for the rest of your life will only make you bitter, and the rest of us sick.  I too hope that Halak wins the Vezina for himself, but i'm not about to say that I hope he shuts us out to prove Gauthier wrong.  When you break that down, I want OUR team to win, and you should too!  If you're just a troll trying to get a rise out of people, well then good for you for playing your role well.  But if you're someone who seriously wishes ill will onto the CH because X player was traded, then you're not a fan of this team.  I'm no specialist, just a realist.

    Get over it people.  This is our team right now.


  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2010-10-13 19:32:54)

    I'm dying here already!

  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2010-10-13 19:13:19)

    Which will probably be within the first 5 minutes!

  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2010-10-13 19:00:16)

    It's been going off at 4:20 since I was 20.  11 years later, I can't seem to change it!