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  • Comment on Tokarski gets start in goal for Habs against Capitals; Moen replaces Weise on fourth line (2014-10-09 17:01:35)
    Good evening all, looking forward to another night of Habs Hockey. I wasn't impressed with Eller last night, he looked lost at times and we saw what happened on that Toronto goal. I hope he can find his groove with Sekac on his wing. Not sure about Bourque, hopefully he steps it up, but I also wouldn't mind seeing the speedy Bournival take a few games with Eller and Sekac to see how they fair together. Aside from the obvious players who were great last night, I thought Galchenyuk was quietly lights out. He showed a lot of confidence when he had the puck on his stick and on multiple occasions we saw him outmuscle the Tornto D down low. This is exactly what I was hoping to see from him last night. If Chuckie continues to do this all season long, he will have a breakout year. I think the physical aspect is something that can go a little under the radar for many high scoring stars. Players like Ryan Getzlaf, Evgeni Malkin and Eric Staal are all high scoring stars who dominate down low, in front of the net, in the slot, etc. because they are able to outmuscle the opposition constantly and be in a position to give or receive a pass or make a play. Not to compare Galchenyuk to these superstars, I am not sure if he will become that calibre of player or not, but my point is that if he continue to use his strength and size he will be more successful offensively.
  • Comment on Breaking down how to watch Habs on TV this season (2014-10-03 16:54:11)
    Hockey is upon us, it is good to be back visiting HIO. I am excited for the game tonight, will be attending with some buddies and I'm glad to see we'll be icing a strong lineup. I'll definitely have my eyes on Tinordi tonight, he has struggled so far this preseason but I would like to see him go back to keeping his game simple. IMO, if Tinordi does that, makes simple and safe plays and sticks to his own game, plays solid in his own end and throws the body he will be good. It looks like he'll probably go down to Hamilton to start the season, but I would like to see him show well and get his confidence up. I'm also looking for Thomas and De La Rose tonight. I haven't seen either play in person yet, it will be nice to see how they do when you can see their game away from the camera. Should be a good one, lets hope we take a W against the detestable Sens! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Galchenyuk still not skating as Habs return to practice; Price doesn’t make Vézina list (with practice video) (2014-04-25 19:20:15)
    How on earth is Carey Price not nominated for the Vezina? Completely ridiculous.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 4 – Pacioretty propels Canadiens to Round 2 (2014-04-22 16:36:09)
    Chris Lee, we meet again. If we win with him calling the game, there can't be any reason for other teams fans complaining about referee bias.
  • Comment on Habs happy to be home with 2-0 series lead (with video) (2014-04-19 12:36:31)
    The NHL discipline system is a joke. How does Lucic get away with this? He's done it before, and does it again and this time even worse. What a donkey.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 2 – Canadiens romp 4-1, lead series 2-0 coming home (2014-04-18 18:25:49)
    Should be a good one tonight! Hoping for a well played game and hopefully controlling the play tonight. Price will need to be on his game, and I'm sure he will be. Still wish Tinordi was in the lineup by you can't argue with what won on Wednesday! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 14:18:38)
    Wow! What a nerve-wracking, nail biting, exciting game last night! It is nice to see our Habs outshooting the opponents after many games on the other end this season. No worries about Carey, he was huge in OT and made the saves when they mattered. Also, most goals by Tampa were high percentage scoring chances - something the boxscore or save percentage will not account for. Tomorrow night cannot come soon enough! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Prust will be game-time decision for Habs in Tampa (with practice video) (2014-04-16 08:14:15)
    The day of the playoffs has finally come, I have anxiously been awaiting this. I have my Habs gear on proudly today and I cannot wait to get home, turn on the game and enjoy a nice pop. Or a few. Price will need to be big, the top line will need to score and we will need to shutdown Stamkos, but we can beat these guys! Go Habs Go!! Have a good day today and may you all enjoy a beautiful Habs victory tonight!
  • Comment on Eller returns as Habs prepare to face Lightning (2014-04-15 12:15:40)
    Tomorrow is the big day, boy am I excited. I'd love to see us take the first game on the road and get the confidence up of all of our players. Plekanec will have his work cut out for him this series, we will need to make sure Stamkos is marked tight every play - if he gets going I think it will be tough to contain him. I wish Tinordi could get in over Boullion, I think he has been great for us and his play is also well suited for playoff hockey; not to mention we could use his presence to clear the crease. The most important piece of our team is Carey Price, I'd love to see him have a strong playoff and if he is playing as well as he can I think we have a great shot at beating Tampa and giving Boston a run for their money in the second round. This could be a long playoff run for us, at least I hope so! Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Eller returns as Habs prepare to face Lightning (2014-04-15 12:07:53)
    Not that I would wish injury to anyone, but this does seem like good news for us.