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  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-04 07:02:01)
    Sometimes the truth hurts to the point you have to attack the messenger instead of debating the message. The Mad Ape
  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-03 17:58:07)
    Speaking of nailed... the new slogan for the Habs FAIL 4 NAIL The Mad Ape
  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-03 17:55:55)
    I don't know who the bigger dick is. Pierre 'The Goat' Gauthier for the way he has handled the Markov and defense situation or Pat Hickey writing a garbage article saying the return of Markov was imminent. (see This team has over 100 years of history and prides itself on being classy, but I can't help but think that their reputation has taken a big hit over the way this situation has been handled. If I was Molson I would be pissed because Sideshow Goat has hurt the brand big time. The Mad Ape
  • Comment on Another bloody chapter (2011-03-09 10:57:31)

    Someone who was in attendance and witnessed this needs to call the local police and lodge a complaint so that a Crown Attorney can investigate and hopefully criminally charge Chara for this deliberate and vicious assault. This was an assault that was cold and calculated. I have watched all of the videos and it is obvious to me.


  • Comment on Another bloody chapter (2011-03-09 10:58:35)

    Something tells me that you need to drop the word 'class' from your comment. Chara has none!

  • Comment on Another bloody chapter (2011-03-09 11:09:50)

    with the net result in someone else getting taken out the next time that these two teams meet. If the NHL Brass can't do the right thing then the police and justice system need to. If they won't get involved then the league will only have themselves to blame when a star Bruin is cross-checked in the face or hit headfirst into the boards.

  • Comment on Another bloody chapter (2011-03-09 11:00:15)

    I typed the original comment in MS Word to spell check it and copied and pasted...hence the gobbly gook at the top that can not be removed from this end.

  • Comment on Don’t tune in late, folks… (2008-11-11 10:51:03)
    Poker is about as much a sport as tiddly winks. I wish that there was a poker channel and they would get that crap...because that is what it of the Sports Channels. I would much rather watch reruns of WWE Raw or figure skating than Poker. Maybe a complaint to the CRTC that these sports channels are showing non-sports on their channels would do it? The Mad Ape
  • Comment on Who own da Chief? (2008-11-07 12:28:15) says that Gillett, Balsillie, and Bettman deny the story so Fran├žois Gagnon and La Presse look like mud right about now. The Mad Ape