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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 23 – Canadiens notch big road win, 3-2 in Washington (2013-11-23 08:37:12)
    Im sorry but have you read Boones comments before the game in the live blog? Can he be more negative??? Ive never seen a guy being so negative nancy!! I think he gave like 15 different stats that all are bad to support his idea that they habs would lose. Cheer up a little! its psychological to think the team will lose so that in care they do, you will say you knew it/predicted it, etc and that will make you feel all good about yourself. And in the case they win, like last night, you will just say good for them and avoid feeling bad about yourself. Look it up..this kind of behavior actually has a name in psychology that escapes me at the moment! anyways, GO HABS GO!!