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  • Comment on Vanek set to make Habs debut in Phoenix; Gorges returns to Montreal (2014-03-06 12:56:33)
    After Holtby stinking it up and getting pulled last night, one would think it's Halak's job to lose at this point. If he plays well against Boston tonight, Holtby may only see action in back-to-backs.
  • Comment on A summer of love, golf and hard work for Habs’ Prust (2013-08-11 14:49:44)
    I usually like your posts UCE, but I have to vehemently disagree with you on the first part of your post regarding Griffey Jr. That guy played 11 seasons with the Mariners. He played the game the right way. He was a superstar for that city and never got into any trouble off the field. Was his exit from that city perfect? No, but it was in no way bad enough to smear his legacy in Seattle. He was by far the best player to ever put on their jersey. He was also one of the all-time greats to ever play the game, and he doesn't have the stink of PEDs lingering around him either.
  • Comment on Subban and Price invited to pre-Olympic orientation camp (2013-07-24 09:04:07)
    I'm pretty sure Gretzky and Lemieux aren't hurting financially. And say what you will about Jagr, but he is still one of the greatest players of all-time. He was lucky to play in an era where free agency led to big money.
  • Comment on Habs sign White for one year; Big Mac lands in London (2013-07-17 12:17:12)
    The only reason I singled out Chris was because he seemed quite concerned/convinced that McCarron would not get an important offensive role on a stacked Knights team. We all need to keep our fingers crossed that his development goes smoothly because he certainly would bring an element to our lineup that we've been sorely lacking for quite some time now.
  • Comment on Habs sign White for one year; Big Mac lands in London (2013-07-17 12:04:36)
    Chris: I was wondering what your thoughts were on the McCarron news that came out yesterday. It seems that the Hunters plan on using him on the Horvat-Domi line. Dale Hunter's quotes seem to indicate their intention is to use him as an important forward on their top six and not as a goon. McCarron himself re-iterated that he doesn't want fighting to be what defines his game. I thought that was pretty encouraging. It seems like many quality hockey people see some talent to go along with McCarron's 6'5 230lb frame.
  • Comment on Habs sign White for one year; Big Mac lands in London (2013-07-16 15:12:42)
    Thanks for the link. The quote from Dale Hunter should be good news to those like Chris on HIO who feared that McCarron would become nothing more than a goon on the Knights. It sounds as though they want him to be an important part of their offense.
  • Comment on Duffy, Leblanc shine as curtain falls on Habs development camp (2013-07-08 14:51:26)
    What's not to be taken lightly? Someone else teasing Beaulieu via Twitter? Really? Stop over-analyzing everything Habs-related. This wasn't a Seguin moment from Beaulieu. Beaulieu even got rid of his old stupid Twitter handle (N8theGr8) last year, so clearly he is given advice on what to do in social media. He didn't say anything out of bounds here. It was just Commodore ribbing him.
  • Comment on Duffy, Leblanc shine as curtain falls on Habs development camp (2013-07-08 14:03:18)
    Move along folks, nothing to see here. Seriously, people overreact to the most minor little things here. This was clearly a case of a veteran who played with Beaulieu in Hamilton last year giving him a good old-fashioned ribbing via Twitter. If I remember correctly, Commodore was brought in as a big-brother type for Beaulieu. This is the kind of thing that vets do. I thought the mug shot comment was pretty damn funny from Commodore.
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-05 14:19:36)
    I would love to have Max Talbot on this team. He isn't a power forward, but he plays with a ton of heart and grit and has scored a decent number of goals for a bottom-six player. He is in great shape and is a proven playoff performer (remember his 2 goals to win the Stanley Cup for Pittsburgh?) Depending on what we give up, that could be a great move for us. Having two high-profile French players like Briere and Talbot could help us attract more talented local players down the road as well. I'm all for it.
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-05 14:16:38)
    I'm loving all the negativity in here. It really makes for some entertaining reading. Every UFA season, it's the same whining and moaning. "Why didn't MB sign this guy? Why didn't we get that guy? Etc." I for one am damn happy that we have a GM who understands that UFA season is where GMs make their biggest mistakes and put their teams in crippling situations for years. Since the first lockout ended, the crops of UFAs has gotten worse and worse each year because all the best players get signed long-term before they ever reach free agency. That is how Gomez got his money. That is how Clarkson became a very rich man today. Of all the deals signed today, which ones would you be willing to absorb on the Habs? There haven't been too many that make a lot of sense. By not wasting money on crazy contracts, MB can now be a buyer through trades when teams will have to get rid of some salary. I expect MB to make a couple of significant trades. If Briere was his only move, there is no question we are screwed and will be looking at a lottery pick. However, I am pretty certain we are in a good position to make some moves via trades over the summer. Breathe in people.