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  • Comment on Here’s something for Habs fans to celebrate (2013-10-03 00:28:08)
    With all due respect to M. Beliveau, I am growing tired of the bread and circuses thrown my way by Canadiens PR and the media. Besides being a "skilled" team that somehow is one of the most heavily penalized, my main gripe is how Habs fans keep reliving past glories. While it would seem impossible to avoid those glories, I'd like to say enough is enough with the media distractions disguised as historical landmarks. There has not been a Cup winning team, not even a serious contender on the ice, for 20 years and counting. Stop with the jersey retirements and the shovelling of torch-passing ceremonies down our throats and start putting an emphasis on the future. Maybe if that was the way Habs fans and management were perceived around the league we'd be in serious contention for a big UFA or trades. Instead the image I get is of 50+ year old fans disappointed every playoffs and reminiscing on how Sam Pollock drafted Lafleur under everyones noses. There was also a time when the Sun never set on the British Empire, hamburgers cost a dime and beer came in stubbies. Big friggin whoop.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-02 04:10:37)
    When will Therrien realize his best center is Eller? Some time this season, or a few years from now when he's back on l'Antichambre, Eller is an All Star and DD has no NHL career?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-02 04:09:34)
    I prefer the GEG line, since they seem to score a goal every game.
  • Comment on New season, new division rivals for Habs (2013-07-22 12:22:11)
    Guess I missed the stories about Montreal dealing with their size issue. Maybe Bergevin had his eye on Gerbe and Grabovski to complement Gionta, Gallagher, Desharnais, and Plekanec up front. He still has the toughness of Markov, Gorges and Diaz on D to count on. Face it, people. Whether Montreal does well in the regular season or not they're built to get bounced in the 1st round. So why give a damn anymore if management doesn't?
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-05 11:00:54)
    Lots of comments to the effect that since the signing is for only 2 years, it`s a good move. I have to wonder how short a contract term they would have to offer Gomez for it to also be considered sound strategy. Whatever MB or anyone else in his brain trust are thinking, they need to start looking at the big picture. The last 3 times we`ve been eliminated from the playoffs were due to coming up against physical teams in Philly, Boston and Ottawa. So how does adding another small player solve this? I`ll just say this. I really do hope 2 years fly by, because then I can consider watching the Habs again. This is not some hollow Tony Marinaro boast. I will not watch the Canadiens at all until this no-character punk is shown the door. Considering I successfully boycotted Game 5 vs the Sens because the NHL allows soccer goals to be scored now, I am confident in my resolve. Please join me. It`s the only way MB will learn that not every hiring should be based on language just because his was. Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens’ winning streak ends (2011-11-05 20:12:54)
    I hope their bookies can get the refs their winnings in time for a nice night out. NYC is magical this time of year. Come on, OWS, interrupt the game for a forfeit win. Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner
  • Comment on About last night … (with audio) (2011-11-05 06:01:52)
    Back to back games aren't an issue this early in the season, especially after a week off and the next game happening on Tuesday. Ride the streak with Price, I say. Budaj should dress on the 17th vs NYI and then the US Thanksgiving game Friday afternoon against Philly. Unless we've won every game until those with Carey in nets, then it's dealer's choice. Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner
  • Comment on About last night … (with audio) (2011-11-05 05:55:25)
    You'd make a bad oncologist, Eric. Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner
  • Comment on About last night … (with audio) (2011-11-05 05:47:42)
    Man, these laffs fans on TSN comments pages are hilarious. I think they post more to stories about Montreal than their own team. Even Sans fans are getting in on the act, saying the refs handed the game to us. Sure, we had 4 penalties to Ottawa's 2, but the video clearly shows Gonchar didn't push Max into whoever their goalie is. Makes me shake my head and laugh. Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner
  • Comment on Game 11: Canadiens win third straight (2011-10-29 22:11:40)
    First off, your site sucks major donkey ..... Can't comment on major storyline? Wat up wit dat? (ooh eeh...) What I love about Lars Eller is he learned 2 lessons tonight. The first was SHOOT THE PUCK!!! The Second was don't get too down on yourself. We won, you made a mistake and cost Price a shutout. Buy him a steak dinner and move on! He will be our #1 Center(caps aware) and lead us to greatness. Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner