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  • Comment on Weary Habs get day off after loss in Phoenix (2014-03-08 14:40:58)
    You do if the farmer in charge of the barn is Micheal Therrien!!!
  • Comment on Weary Habs get day off after loss in Phoenix (2014-03-08 14:35:52)
    I suspect vanek will be held without tonight, but Wednesday night against the Bruins, I'll bet that will be a different story!!!
  • Comment on About this evening … (2014-02-09 11:11:57)
    I disagree with trading Moen. I feel he makes the ideal cheap 13th forward on this team. Replacing him in that role would prove to be most difficult IMO.
  • Comment on About this evening … (2014-02-09 11:05:07)
    Yes indeed, I did misread your post. I apologize immensely. Please accept. Ray
  • Comment on About this evening … (2014-02-09 10:06:16)
    I call BS on this one. Quit drinking the Kool-Aide. You do not build a contender by dumping Eller & keeping Desharnias!!! What is the difference between the two??? Well, let's start with consistency. DD has had the privilege of playing center with the same winger for over 80% of the time over the past three seasons. Eller has played every position on the team on every line during that same period. Eller when centering, when playing center between the two kids, was indeed the Habs best center, but the coaching tore that line apart to use the undersized Gallagher to help the undersize Desharnias get his head out of his butt. Thus Gallagher, is taking a huge beating, while Desharnias reaps the rewards. Did Gallagher take a beat on the Egg line??? Yes, but he had two linemates who carried much more of the load than Pacioretty & Desharnias do on their line. IMO, both Gallagher's & Eller's games are suffering to give Desharnias mnore than enough ample opportunity to add to his stat sheet. Eller bangs & crashes along the boards, fights & digs for pucks with less than adequate line mates, while Desharnias is pushed & shoved off of the pucks more often than not with the Habs top two forwards. Can you even begin to imagine Desharnias replacing Eller on the PK??? Holy jumpin', get a grip gang!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-05 14:41:46)
  • Comment on About Sunday evening … (2013-12-30 16:47:58)
    Bingo, Markov, Plekanec & maybe Gorges are probably the only veteran assets that would warrant any discussion from a rival GM. & the returns would probably less than what most Habs fan would expect, IMO.
  • Comment on About Sunday evening … (2013-12-30 16:14:06)
    Young upcoming D-man Chris Chelios for Superstar Denis Savard sound familiar??? Trading young players John Leclair & Eric Desjardins, trading prospects like Ryan McDonagh, trading 1st rd picks for the likes of Alex Tanguay. No thanks, just stay the course with the kids. That said, I still don't feel confident on how the kids in Hamilton are being developed.
  • Comment on About Sunday evening … (2013-12-30 15:57:02)
    That's a no-brainer IMO. But for some reason beyond my understanding, pumping Desharnias' tires are more of a prerogative for this team!!!???
  • Comment on About Sunday evening … (2013-12-30 15:51:52)
    Now is not the time to trade any of the kids or younger core players. Shake that thought completely out of your head!!!