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  • Comment on Habs return home, won’t practise until Tuesday (2014-03-10 00:04:32)
    I am confused!! People think Vanek is the savior but look at his stats. He's a play maker. More assists than goals, so here who does he play make with? If the line mates don't get open he's a useless pick up! Who does he then play with? Linemates who score! That's not Plek and Gionta. Yes, Dd and Max are the obvious choice. MT is a stupid horrible excuse for a coach and that's why the Habs faulter. He abuses players psychologically. Eller is out of step bc of him and I doubt will recover. The kid is put up withGionta and Plk and plays well then is pushed to 4th line center then up to 3rd. Then sat. Kid doesn't know if he's trade bait or a Top 6. You can look at him and see that he's not playing for the team bc the coach hasn't supported him. Bourque as well. He knows he didn't fulfill the expectation but then MT benches him and starts the line change game. Screw MT. He'll never Win us a Stanely cup bc he can't see chemistry or leadership. The best assets Montreal have are Parros and Prust. They bring leadership and heart! Something the team needs. Parros is always on 24CH giving advice and encouragement. Prust keeps the room light and fun. Oh and Jorges is king. He leads and plays with a broken hand. Those guys are the heart and soul. Hopefully they find a new coach or a better team to play on.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-26 01:00:32)
    It was sad again that the third period was another round of "Whose my line mate" but if we trade we need one thing... A real forward who can get to the net. Gallagher can't do it all on his own. What's crazy is that the Kid with the broken hand is causing all this?! He might not be what the fans want but we've been losing since his injury and nothing was more confidence than him bandaging the hand and finishing the game against Florida. I watched that on 24ch and knew the kids a star! He's all heart! He helped by making the Habs 3 descent lines now they are scrambling! Come back Galchenyk we are dying without you!! Eller is not a winger!! But the kid can handle the puck and make plays... Wish he had guys to make them to!! DD and Pac make one descent player. That's it. There needs to be 3 guys on a line and since Gallagher plays hard enough for 2 the line can float!! Change it or forever be without serious consistency. Time to change up Gionta and Plekanec's!! Sad for Price but once you get "great" some times the defense start thinking they are!! Not the case here. They are letting him down! They need to know it! We need White back to!! More heart!! More grit!! It's sad but we'll have the elements back after the Olympics to make a push again. Still have hope but don't trust the heart! Capt
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-23 02:59:20)
    jaromir jagr, Daniel Alfredsson, Zdeno Chara, Martin St. Louis, Jarome Ignila, Hennrick Zetterburg. All over 34. All near or older than Markov, some if not most playing less ice time.. All with more points pretty much than our top, Subban. So age isn't important. Goal scoring wins games and the Habs top points man is # 65. Not even in the top 20. That's why we lose. Stop blaming defense when nobody seems to find the net. That's our problem. Trade Markov ain't solving the problem. Finding a natural goal scorer is. Capt
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-23 01:41:05)
    It was a very tough loss!! But the players didn't give up. They continued to play hard and show frustration, which means they care and are still intent to win. I do take offense to the DD, Pacioretty comment that they showed up and played well!! It's like they score occasionally and so Therrien is now scared of them. Pacorietty is a coaster! Always has been. If that line is so good they should score. The struggle leads to scoring!! Tonight it proves that our "1st" line is a third line and the rest of the team is just lost. Gallagher the EGG line started the season with greatness. Put them back when Gal is back, stick Bourque DD and Pac and Prust back with Gionta and Plek. That's better then the stupidity he's been pushing. The D is another bag. Sure blame the defense. To slow. To old.. Screw you guys. We block more shots and Carey saves more because we never have possession. Just once I would love to see our guys control the play confidently in the opposing end rather than looking desperate. The D is fine is they weren't defending and skating random for 80% of the game. Yeah I am upset but I still see diamonds just frustrated that we were pounded by the Leafs then this catastrophy!! Capt
  • Comment on Crosby and Penguins up next for Habs (2014-01-20 01:13:52)
    Uhhhh, Since there's no one out there worth trading for and Markov has pretty much said "IN THE NEWS" he wants to stay here, that's like saying your willing to take a pay cut, Why the HELL would you trade a guy if you get him at a discount. When he can stay, keep the salary cap low and mentor all these "amazing" up and comers? Markov wants to stay here, he'll make a deal. Trader him after he's publicly said that is cutting a huge knife into the moral in the dressing room. If there was any solidarity left it would be gone after such a move. capt
  • Comment on Crosby and Penguins up next for Habs (2014-01-20 01:09:36)
    Maybe, maybe they thought they were good. They send down Beauliue thinking it was fine and later today somebody says they are starting to feel sick. Okay if we are going on the road lets have the back ups with us. White might not be ready but we have Bourque back in the line up and so they travel with enough of the guys to cover anything, due to the flue and we are away till Friday, that might come up. Honest mistake but with the flu who knows. Better safe than sorry. The deal is the Penguins game needs Plekanec to cover Crosby. Does that mean Eller or Briere on his line? or Bourque? I think Therrien is a coach with too many options? He see's them hustling at practice and he thinks they are going to give it in the game. Uhhh No. So when wonders don't happen he starts trying to add to much salt and then ruins the soup. Bad. Bad. Bad. Plus he has no spark. Between he and Gionta the leadership is a flatline. I would take Tortorella any day over the "I am so mad look on my face" Therrien. Capt
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-19 00:18:02)
    I do agree that was a harsh harsh critic of a game that really wasn't that bad. The third goal was bad. so many mistakes on it to name but still the team dominated many shifts. It's like they don't know how to dominate the front of the net. Without DD Pacioretty is a lazy high slot shot that really really is overrated. If you don't dig the puck out of the corner for him he's a paperweight. What is with the constant line mixing? Did Eller screw up enough to be taken off of the first line to the third? Hey you've been doing great at a position you aren't used to but Briere just had a good shift so I'm throwing you to the third and fourth line now. But good work!! I know Briere was working the corners and behind the net well but how do you keep team and player confidence? You don't. But they team stayed tough, came back, then came back again and dug in. But it was a horrible loss. Especially that last goal, empty net. Maybe this was a game where he finally sees that lineups --- SO PLAYERS KNOW WHERE THEIR PARTNERS WILL BE ON THE ICE! WIll this guy dig the corner.. no I got to go.. but the changes kill Kill momentum and cohesion. Crying a little inside but not defeated or throwing the towel!! Capt
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 49 – Leafs win 5-3, tighten playoff race (2014-01-18 20:37:00)
    Wtf can Therrien put a line together for more than 1 shift together!!! Hate this mix and match. Why move Eller off of Plek and Gionta?
  • Comment on Habs call up Beaulieu, Nattinen from Hamilton (2014-01-17 18:16:56)
    I think the team had to worry about the salary Cap and who has a two way contract. But that said.. size and tenacity was called up. Good. Guys how will throw a punch if Gionta is shoved around. Guys who will physically play a game letting that new first line pass and play. I laugh at the Therrien haters. Seriously? DEAD LAST. Then he comes along and we are making playoffs and we are going to be serious play off material if the players stay healthy and get some energy. He’s learning a bit about coaching as well. We can all armchair coach but we aren’t in the dressing room with all the egos and getting calls from media second guessing us. Well done Therrien to get us here. I was happy for Subban!! Hell I actually jumped when he scored. He lead straight to the net. Even on his stomach pushing for the net he Willed that puck in. That’s a leader. He celebrated and pulled the jersey showing his HABS love. (wish we had more of that pride and love here on the boards) Yes it was deserved after they boo’d him every time he touched the puck. IT was revenge and well deserved. But. IT does reveal what a few people say – he needs some maturity before he will be the best defense-man out there. Why? Bc Bobby Orr wouldn’t have done that, Stevie Y, Gretzky or any of the greats. They would have smiled congratulated the team and skated off. When Subban does that he’ll be the legend most of us hope for, right now he’s just great but not the Atlas to put the team on. Here’s looking to Laff’s fall. Capt
  • Comment on Habs call up Beaulieu, Nattinen from Hamilton (2014-01-17 18:12:43)
    Confused. Are you talking about Lars Eller? 8 years back. A kid whose 24? Meaning you are looking at stats from a 16 year old? That said, he played 1st line and they scored were on ice for 3 of the 4 goals. I think that's great!! So if the kid gets more ice time most would think he'd get more points. Ie centering for DD he looked fine and carried the puck to Gallagher for the disallowed goal. 45 points is okay but he can do 60 in 2 years. I just hope it's for us and not another team. Capt