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  • Comment on Liveblog: Boston 6 – Canadiens 3 (2013-09-16 21:15:19)
    McQuaid and Fournier...at the ballet. Everything was so beautiful at the ballet... http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on Liveblog: Boston 6 – Canadiens 3 (2013-09-16 20:19:29)
    Bozo, if Price doesn't score in his career, it's all because of the inordinate pressure you place on him to shoot on every empty net. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on Liveblog: Boston 6 – Canadiens 3 (2013-09-16 20:10:45)
    Thank you very much. I always feel inspired when the CH skates off to war. I see the Bs are being their usual troglodyte selves, even in a preseason game tonight. May the Rocket be with them. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on Liveblog: Boston 6 – Canadiens 3 (2013-09-16 19:38:18)
    Well, well. Mike Boone, like the Mary Ellen Carter, rises again. Nice to see you back at it, my friend. I look forward to your brilliant efforts to talk us off the ledge when it really matters. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on Tinordi in lineup, Weber out for Jets game (2013-04-24 20:31:27)
    Yay, Marty! (Never thought I'd say that, but it's SO cool that they play Louis Louis after he scores) http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on No day of rest on Sunday for Habs (2013-04-21 19:21:26)
    Aww...I was surprised my account was still active, to be honest. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on No day of rest on Sunday for Habs (2013-04-21 19:19:33)
    Been well, thanks. Blogging away in the bloggerverse. Hanging with Abe Hefter on the radio on Sunday nights. It's been a hard slog the last year or so, though, with all the sucking and everything. Despite that, I feel optimistic about the playoffs. The team is better than the last six games have shown. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on No day of rest on Sunday for Habs (2013-04-21 18:47:11)
    It's very nice that Josh Gorges is defending his buddy Carey Price from all the heckling he's been getting. But you know what? Gorges is a part of why Price is taking some heat. As great a leader as he's purported to be, he's got to take responsibility for his own personal stinkiness before he can expect others to buy in. The truth is Gorges has vastly improved from his play of three or four years ago, when he not only backed into the crease instead of confronting the shooter, but usually also fell on top of his goalie who was trying to make the save. He doesn't do that anymore, but he's often out of position and he's been quite soft in the corners recently. Perhaps if he vows to improve his own game, Price won't get so much criticism for allowing goals on those errors. That said, I heartily disagree with booing your own team. No ticket gives you the right to do that. If you don't like losses, stay home. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-21 12:59:24)
    You're right, Tommy. I talked to Scotty Bowman a couple of weeks ago and he said one of his rules for winning was "practice like you want to play." If you want a high-tempo team, you have to have high-tempo practices. When you skip practice, it doesn't take long to start acting like you're skipping games. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com
  • Comment on Knuckles drops the gloves for HIO (2013-02-23 10:53:20)
    Nice job, guys. The content was fun and entertaining. I particularly enjoyed Nilan's memories and insights from his days on the ice with the team. If I were to offer any criticism, it would be the positions in which the three of you were sitting. It feels and looks awkward to have all three facing the camera. If Stu's moderating, he should, perhaps, sit on the end, on an angle that allows him to look both at the panelists and the camera. That kind of arrangement looks a little more natural and conversational. Also, Stu has to stop touching the panelists! Other than that, I think it's a great, fun feature, and an upgrade on the old Puckcasts you were doing. With Dave's list of Habs-related contacts, this could get really interesting! http://habsloyalist.blogspot.com