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Habs fan since: 1967
Favorite current player: Brendan Gallagher
All-time favorite player: Jean Beliveau


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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 30 – First place, baby! (2013-12-05 18:19:53)
    First game I ever saw was at the old Garden in 1968. Tony Esposito was in goal for the Habs. I sat up in the rafters with the gallery gods and their cigars. I definitely got some looks for wearing my Habs sweater. But, when Ralph Backstrom scored a beautiful goal on a great individual effort, the gallery gods actually applauded. Of course, the Bs were winning, and eventuially won 7-5. Still, I got the impression these tough guys weren't so bad after all. Pure-Pak
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-18 12:48:55)
    "It's almost as if MT doesn't want to praise PK in public, knowing he's getting lots of love already from fans and media alike." You could be right about MT, but maybe not for that reason. Just speculating, but someone may have cautioned MT to be circumspect to the press about PK, at least not to offer unsolicited praise until PK is signed long term. If I were PK's agent, I would be making a list of every public compliment MT ever paid to PK, to use as exhibit A in the contract negotiations. Management knows that PK has a big pay day coming. They don't want to hurt their negotiating position by minimizing the few mistakes he may make during a game. Pure-Pak