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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-09 09:56:08)
    Pac- DD - Gally, Vanek -Briere -Chuck, Eller -Pleks -Gio, Prust -White-Weise. On Defence reunite Markov and Subban. Play them 25 minutes and try to get 4 other D to handle 35.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-09 09:51:27)
    Everybody criticizing Vanek needs to pipe down. This is why we never draw big names here. 2 games, no practices, wrong linemates and were already calling him vanishing? SMH, does anybody remember how Kovalev looked when we first got him? Skilled players are harder to fit into a lineup especially when the coach insists on playing without skill and tries to make everyone play the same dump and waste style.
  • Comment on Habs hold optional skate before facing Canucks, acquire Czarnik from Kings (2014-02-05 22:21:51)
    When Chuck comes back there will be a logjam at forward, hope we can dump someone at the deadline. Weiss/White/Prust/Moen. Only 2 of those are really needed on one team, max 3 with one rotating in but 4 is redundant.
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 18:45:54)
    Subtle solid move. Weiss is a right handed Prust in the making. Enough skills to play a real shift and a valuable guy in playoffs because on the Habs I think he can develop to play the 3rd line and crash the crease.
  • Comment on Bourque to Colorado trade falls through: reports; Leblanc returned to Hamilton (2014-01-28 13:04:58)
    Parenteau should have been signed INSTEAD of Briere not in addition to him, that's roster softness suicide. Bourque is soft but at least he doesn't get knocked off the puck easily.
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-26 18:16:47)
    As a city we always blame goalies and coaches. It's what we do. Therrien isn't a great coach, he's average at best, but this roster is average at best. Add up average players to an average coach and what do you get? MB has not done a good job adding pieces to invigorate and support the core and made a massive blunder by identifying DD as a core piece of the team and enormously obvious terrible decision by signing Danny Briere. MB is actually the one to blame for this Swiss cheese defense, roster and average coach.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-26 01:21:41)
    Therrien won't get fired but how long until Bergevin starts getting named in tweets by the Montreal mayor? He's done nothing this season except add Daniel Briere, Douglas Murray and George Parros. I believe those "moves" deserve all the heat being directed at Therrien who's a buffoon in his own right but is just making crappy lemonade out of shriveled up lemons.
  • Comment on Struggling Habs return home to face Capitals (2014-01-25 12:29:12)
    How much money would Matt Moulson want in free agency? Tomas Vanek with Galchenyuk would be a dream but big stars NEVER come to Montreal.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-25 10:50:43)
    MaxPac contract has a good value, Dd terrible. They're attached at the hip. I would try to package them both for one true impact winger. Move Galchenyuk to center, have Eller and Pleks as your other top 2 centers and start building an offense around that. A top duo COMBINING for 55 pts in 51 games including 21 PPP combined will not take you far especially considering that they are pretty much playing upto potential over the past 35 games. We need better thoroughbreds at forward.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-25 10:16:29)
    Habs need to let Emelin and Beaulieu play top 4 minutes and live with the results. Also you aren't going to win in the NHL when DB DD TP are your top 3 centers just forget it and go to this and let players develop because we aren't doing shit even if we make the playoffs: Pax DD Bourque Moen Plek Gionta Prust Eller Gallagher Bourne Briere Leblanc (8 mins of French a night) Emelin Subban Markov Beaulieu Gorges Diaz Price Prayers.