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  • Comment on About last night … (short west-coast edition) (2015-03-03 10:17:19)
    Humorurous story to lighten up our day! An old guy living up the road from us would drop in when we were kids. His name was Earl Mckenna. He had limited use of the french language and one Saturday night about fifty years ago, in comes Earl. Now Earl was a man of few words but considered my father a good friend. That night, the Habs were playing the Laffs on the french channel and were winning by a large margin. Old Earl just sat there and watch without much fanfare. Suddenly, he looks at my father and says "Laurie, I don't often watch hockey, but I have to admit! That guy "Rondelle" is some kind of hockey player! He's always got the puck! We sort of knew he was joking, but man did he make us laugh! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (short west-coast edition) (2015-03-03 10:05:39)
    Cal, that's all well and fine, but look at Galchenyuk. Did he score a bunch of goals in his first two years? They just did not give this guy a fair shake IMO. Again, we will regret this for a long time. --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (short west-coast edition) (2015-03-03 09:56:33)
    I am not MB and don't profess to know as much as the "experts" in this group, but for the life of me, I will never understand why we let Sekac be traded. This guy made things happen every time he was on the ice. Did he score a ton of goals? No. But the offensive upside will be seen in the very near future. We traded a future 30+ goal winger for a plumber with limited skill value IMO. Sekac was very good cycling the puck in the opposition's zone and made some mistifying things when he had possesion of the puck. We will regret this trade... We did not need another plumber. We lost out on an over 6 foot power forward that will make headlines when he figures out the smaller ice surface. As for last night, the boys were outplayed, outshot, and out hit. Which brings me to my next point. The team is not built to win the cup just yet. Next year, we will need to bundle a package (and it's going to be prospects), for a BIG scoring winger. End of comment! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-11 08:42:17)
    Just to clarify, I also understand that additional pucks and hockey sticks would also have to be traded along with Tiny. Just not our shinier pucks and sticks! LOL --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-11 08:36:39)
    The big debate seems to be about whether we go after a big winger or an upgrade to our defence. Personally, I think our team defensively is not where our problem is. The fact of the matter is the team has allowed the least amount of goals in the league (kudos to Carey of course). So the solution in my opinion, is to get a #2 winger to compliment our skilled smaller center (DD, Pleks). MB has been looking west for that piece of the puzzle. We don't want Kane! He is trouble. We don't want a rental, but who would you make available for trade for a decent forward from western teams? I don't want to sound negative, but I believe we should hold on to our younger most talented forwards. I'd say let Tinordi go! I like the guy, but he's still in Hamilton for a reason. Other teams looking for 5th or 6th defenseman would welcome him with open arms. Just my opinion... --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About this afternoon …. (2015-01-31 19:12:44)
    I knew there was a story out there about Luongo! Bring back the booze!!! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About this afternoon …. (2015-01-31 19:10:19)
    Mike, didn't Luongo wear the "C" in Vancouver for a while? Man, I gotta get off the booze! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About this afternoon …. (2015-01-31 19:04:17)
    Someone mentioned on a TSN comment that MVPrice should be our team captain. DO NOT EVER MENTIONED THIS AGAIN PLEASE!!! The team is doing just fine. I would not want to see extra responsibilty on the lad. Leave him alone and don't disturb his concentration. He's doing just fine. Our other leaders can handle that stuff! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-28 07:06:44)
    Listens folks, did we play a great game collectively? Maybe. Did Pricey save our hide? Yes. Did our second D pairing suck? Hell yeah! Just remember that Beaulieu has had better games. The team was playing one of the most goal producing teams in the league. Are we going to get better? You're dam right they will! The potential for our youth aka Gally, Chucky, Patches, PK, Weise, and the rest are picking up valuable experience each game. No worries here. The Stars are a fast team and regardless of their scoring prowlness, it was a good test for the troups. Hopefully MT will be able to better prepare the team next time we meet similar opponents. --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on Emelin could be odd man out for Habs against Blue Jackets (2015-01-14 04:51:45)
    Anybody know where a person can find team cap space now that Capgeek is no longer operational? I liked the site alot and always was my go to place to check out who might be available before the trade deadlines, etc... --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!