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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-30 09:55:36)
    Dryden was unbelievable! Price is just as good this year IMO. Just looked up the roster for !970-71. Does this ever bring back good memories! Belliveau, the Road Runner, Dryden, Fergy, Lemaire, the Pocket, the Mahovlich brothers, Savard, and JC Trembley amongst others. ___________________ Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-30 09:21:10)
    This group sometimes get locked in to all the stats from the west teams. Guess what folks, we only have to worry about one of those teams, be it Chicago, or St Louis, or LA. We can win our conference. It won't be pretty, but there is not one team we can't beat in the east. And then, we can concentrate on an extended game plan for the finals. Remember, playoffs morphs into something different than regular season games. Quite evident if you remember Dryden's performance against the booooins to Patty Roy's '86 and '93 performances. I have been fair with our team all year, and to be honest, I didn't think we could go very far in the playoffs, but I'm having second thoughts. This could be our year if the cards fall in our favor. Just sayin.... --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on Price takes part in full practice, but still listed as day-to-day (with video) (2014-03-15 10:55:02)
    With all the talk about the cap being around the 70 million level, why wouldn't the league pro rate the canadien dollar to the american dollars? I don't think that's been a topic of conversation on the blog. Any comments? I really puts a big disavantage on canadian teams. Or does it already exist? --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-13 06:43:06)
    Referee Ghislain Hebert is from New Brunswick, not Quebec. There is another Hebert refereering in the league, also from New Brunswick, but they are not related. Just sayin... --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-13 06:36:31)
    If you understand anything about coaching, the following is true. "You practice to learn the game. You gain experience by playing the game". What I saw last night makes me wonder what the players do during practice, because they surely don't seem to have the right regime going on. They have looked disorganized the last few games and the best we can hope for is a shot at the playoffs. This team is going nowhere with the coaching staff. MT was let go from Pittsburg for a reason. I believe it's both a lack of motivational skills and a lack of game scenerio adaptability which is key in any successful organization. Just saying... --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on Audio: Habs make late deal to get Vanek from Islanders; Tokarski to start against Ducks (2014-03-05 15:20:58)
    L'espoir du Canadien Tim Bozon dans un état critique. Hope he'll recover from meningitis. More info available from RDS! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-02-28 18:03:28)
    Here a thought. PK is a defensive liability as we all know (althought not everyone agrees). That giveaway to Sutter will attest to that. Why don't we try PK up front? He likes to move in the offensive zone and with the right line, it could be a good experience for all. You could always use him at the point on the powerplay. What do you think? --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on Weise after Habs debut: “Just to put the jersey on was amazing” (Video) (2014-02-05 00:17:39)
    PJ Stock called him the second coming of Hal Gill. I agree. Certainly not the fastest, but very effective during the PK. I like him. --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on Weise after Habs debut: “Just to put the jersey on was amazing” (Video) (2014-02-05 00:15:32)
    Flukie! --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-25 00:33:22)
    The coach’s job is to prepare his team based on the offensive game of the opposition. This is obviously not happening. All throughout the game, Detroit maintained it’s line of defence at the blue line when we are the PK. The only play our team can make, like it or not, is the dump and chase. This did not happen all night. We are suppose to have a fast team. This aspect forces the opposition to make rush plays and ultimately mistakes. A good coach should be able to transition the team, depending on the opposition’s game plan. Mouse and cat game. Not happening. Subby is so compatitive, he is trying to do everything. Gallagher-heart and soul of the team. Patches? No where to be found except the penalty box. Murray played like a warrior, although limited in the skills part. Compare him to a Hal Gill. Beaulieu looks pretty good. Keep him in Montreal. Liked Leblanc’s speed. He looks better than ever IMO. Bottom line. The rest are not paying the price. No hustle or dicipline in the defensive zone. Price was Price. Could have been 8-1. That’s my rant. Any takers? --------------------------------- Claude Provost Rocked!