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Habs fan since: 1974 (Year I was born)
Favorite current player: Mike K-Rex Komisarek
All-time favorite player: Rocket Richard


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  • Comment on Alive! (2010-05-20 18:19:28)

    F**** KAte Smith. She is dead,  and so are we if we don`t get Nikki Yanovski to sing our anthem! As a season ticket holder, I have been to a few games where Nikki Yanovski shook the Bell Centre. What is Geoff molson waiting for? Its time to turf lcharles prevost limp-ton and get our generation`s Roger doucette in (PK Subban style!)

  • Comment on A little bit closer … (2010-04-03 13:23:24)

    I think the Habs best shot of getiing out of the first round is meeting the Sabres. We play them well and we are good for a least One power play near the end of every game when Rivet pulls his classic Delay of game missing the glass with his clearing attempt that made me destroy precious Ikea furniture in my youth....

  • Comment on A little bit closer … (2010-04-03 13:06:18)

    Thanks, but the only help with this team might have been a bender at Toe Blake's tavern!

  • Comment on A little bit closer … (2010-04-03 12:44:37)

    (The I/O) Tower of Blog

    Well, Bob Gainey`s gone

    and my hair is grey, with every third period the Habs play

    and I`m crazy for the Cup, but we`re not coming on.

    I`m just paying Boone's rent everyday in the Habs Inside/out Blog.


    I asked Rocket Richard "why did we sign Spacek?"

    Maurice Richard hasn`t answered yet, but I hear him sobbing all night long.

    At the AMC theatre everyday on the Inside out blog






  • Comment on Book your tee time (2010-03-31 20:26:12)

    Cam F. Ward. Imagine if he played 70 games at the Bell, he would have Dryden like stats.

  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-11 11:47:56)
    I COMPLETELY agree with Ron Wilson's solution to deduct players from the roster of the suspended player's team. So Ron, When are you going to sit YOUR roster player for that Holloweg hit on Pietrangelo (who still has not returned to action)? Coaches can be such hypocrites....
  • Comment on Carbo juggles lines to face Lightning (2007-12-27 14:16:01)
    HABS 2007-8 CHECKIST (checking it twice) GM who has a terrible record of trading and signing UFAs or current RFA's (CHECK) Coach with no experience and shows it in year 2 (CHECK) Defensive coach who never played Defence and turns 6'5 hitting machines into pussy cats (CHECK) Assistant coach known throughout career as a hard worker who can't get his charges to play 40-60 minutes of hockey AND HAS NO EXPERIENCE (Check) Defensemen playing forward (Check) 30 goal scorer being placed in an impossible situation to score and increase his value (CHECK) Career Back-up goalie who never played 50 games in a season stealing experience from Franchise goalie (CHECK) Sitting out most consistent Rookie the game after Christmas (CHECK) Not winning a cup at least once in decade for the first time in TEN DECADES (CHECK)
  • Comment on Leafs seething; Bulldogs’ Bonneau a call away (2007-12-17 11:00:44)
    Its a shame when anyone gets injured in the NHL, but Paul Maurice should think twice before portraying the MASTER OF THE CAN OPENER as an innocent bystander.
  • Comment on Kostitsyn the Younger called up (2007-12-13 07:42:49)
    Carbo probably lost a night's sleep trying to figure out how he can fit Sergei The Younger on our blueline so he can keep Streit up front.....
  • Comment on Brisebois out with shoulder injury (2007-12-12 17:17:52)
    You better not pout, you better not cry you better not shout, I'm telling you why SERGEI KOST IS COMING TO TOWN! He's on his way to Philly.....