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  • Comment on About this afternoon …. (2015-02-01 00:12:45)
    Well... George Hainsworth holds the record for 22 shut outs in a season. That was a 44 game season so I presume that he had a few back to backers involved. I remember reading that some time ago and wondering wtf? Pretty amazing! Upon reading Dryden's book I realized that his record was set before the forward pass was allowed. Context is always key.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 03:25:58)
    Beg to differ Myron. I'm not literally speaking of leaping over the boards as you so rightly point out. That being said, you will never win the Cup with a bunch of figure skaters unless you have an inordinate collection of talent as, let's say the latter day Hawks. Those types of teams are few and far between as it depends upon very fortuitous drafting. Very few teams get that lucky, it's a matter of timing as you know, For the balance of the Stanley Cup winners, they have all had a balance of skill and toughness. Not necessarily a heavy weight goon but a club where there would be one or two guys who would not put up with a punk like Kreider. He's a middle weight at best, they are perhaps our chief stumbling block towards a Stanley Cup final and he's running around like he owns the rink? Really? Put a Chris Neal on the ice with him the next shift and see what happens. He'd disappear.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 01:51:47)
    Tell you what Da Hema, you're either quite young or you've never played hockey at an elite level. Back in the day, guys like Fergy or Nilan would have been leaping over the boards to straighten out a POS like Kreider. Coincidentally, those were the last years that we won the Cup. It's not a coincidence. The Oilers had Cementhead, the Islanders had Gillies, the Bruins O'Reilly, Jonathan et al. I'm not suggesting that Pk is a heavy weight and should be taking on all comers but there comes a time where you simply have to step up. Unless, of course, you're not willing to pay the price. If not, fair enough, but you'll never win a Stanley Cup. That's just how it works.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-30 01:11:58)
    Nice win for Les Boys. Lots of speed by both clubs, outstanding goaltending, very entertaining. Subban needs to scrap, period. I'm not talking about fighting heavy weights, getting taken off for opposition bum or as previously lamely mentioned, the puck was in their end etc etc. What crap. Kreider challenged him and if there's any Ranger that needs the sh*t beaten out of him, Kreider's the guy. I couldn't care less if PK got an extra 2 and 10 which, he most certainly wouldn't. Kreider had probably more to do with our early demise last year and you're not willing to send a message? Even worse, you allow Kreider to send the message? Really? That NEVER happens on Stanley Cup winning teams. Leading the League in dirty looks gets you nowhere. I love PK as a player but when you play as he does, you've got to drop em every once in a while. Once or twice a year, that's all we ask or need. ESPECIALLY against Kreider. Major opportunity missed. Stop being such a P*ssy PK.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-28 12:01:16)
    Thanks guys!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-28 11:28:23)
    What is MOAR?
  • Comment on Carey Price survives All-Star Game shootout (2015-01-26 15:16:30)
    Glad to hear that Alex is doing well John, looking forward to meeting you both at the Summit!
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 11:58:38)
    I'm in Dipsy!
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 23:48:18)
    Calm down Front.... you'll get the punt again...
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 15:26:35)
    Re: Deflategate I am far from a Pats fan but I think this is much ado about nothing. Comparable to a tug on the jersey in hockey. It's illegal but it's done consistently. Pick plays are illegal too but they are run 10 times in a game. The Pats pulled the Colts gotch over their head to the tune of 45-7 so.... not a real game changer. When I played football, we had balls for virtually every eventuality. Scuffed ones, stick-ummed ones, balls pumped as hard as a rock for kickers etc. Granted it was not the NFL but we won a Canadian Championship so we were fairly serious. Anyway, it's not a thing, everybody does it...