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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-13 15:55:50)
    Despite the "sky fall" mentality for the Canadiens this season and due primarily to the last weeks 4 games. Boston - outplayed, outchanced them, didnt win vs a good team Buffalo - outplayed, outchanced them, lost in a shootuot that shouldn't have happened (refer to Fraser's c'mon Ref column on the TSN website, of course the tying goal with 2 seconds left should not have counted) Toronto - ugly blowout Tampa Bay - outplayed, outchanced them, won in a shootout that should never have happened (refer to Fraser's c'mon Ref column on the TSN website, of course the Hedman handball goal should not have counted) Despite all this blackness with these 4 games, this team is still 3 points above .500 1/4 the way through this short season This output equals: 60 points in 48 games 102 points in 82 games
  • Comment on Moving right along to CP’s mask … (2011-11-06 12:40:45)
    that explains the game I had last week - I have one of Pateryn's sticks from MI and bagged 7!
  • Comment on Happy birthday to the MVC (2011-08-19 13:07:06)
    Why do people bother with this sort of stuff? Jaro had 2.48ga .910s% vs Carey 2.35ga .923s% To keep saying Price isn't this or that is fashionably ignorant it seems. only one of them went to the playoffs, and it wasn't Halak one had more shutouts than the other, and it wasn't Halak one was healthy enough to play 15 more games, and it wasn't Halak one tied for the most victories in the league, and it wasn't Halak Halak is a good little goalie, emphasis on little, Price is a great goalie, & bigger - the game changer compared to Halak imo - Jaro did and will continue to get knocked around and knocked out of games