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Favorite current player: Alex Galchenyuk
All-time favorite player: Patrick Roy


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  • Comment on Therrien defends decision to cut Leblanc (2013-09-19 13:20:40)
    Hey fellow HIOers -- we're still looking for a few more GMs for our new keeper league that we're starting up on the CBS fantasy site this season. You can check out our forum page here: Our league constitution is down toward the bottom of the page. The inaugural draft is this Sunday, the 22nd at 7:30pm PST, so East coasters will have to pretend it's like the Habs are on a western road trip (think of it like preseason training). Cheers, Charles (
  • Comment on Friendly faceoff at EA Sports NHL 14 launch (2013-09-10 12:08:43)
    PK is so awesome, he plays NHL 14 WITH HIS MIND...controllers are for the unenlightened.
  • Comment on Friendly faceoff at EA Sports NHL 14 launch (2013-09-10 12:07:20)
    EA sucks...bring back the NHL franchise for the PC!!! Ahh, I still remember scoring 200 goals in a season with Oleg Petrov back in NHL 95 (I think...the last one to not have a year on the cover anyway).
  • Comment on Crisp gets hat-trick in final rookie scrimmage; 55 players invited to main camp (2013-09-10 12:00:48)
    I hear you, I'm in Port Moody and follow the Canucks too, so it won't have to be like poor Malcolm, who is on that team that shall not be acknowledged as existing. ;) I've hosted and participated in yearly leagues since I was in highschool, and let me tell you, (to the chagrin of my wife) the 4 years since I adopted a keeper team, I've never enjoyed watching NHL and minor league games so much. Like an NHL club you have a farm system of prospects that you can draft in a prospect draft, and activate to your roster when (and if) they crack the NHL full time (over 75 games and they must be activated in our constitution). Our prospect draft will be 4 rounds. If you're a playoff team, you can keep 9 guys out of a roster of 14 active players (9 F, 4D, 1G) and 6 reserve players of any position, so there is a decent amount of turnover on a yearly basis to encourage parity. Players hitting 32 years of age become unrestricted free agents as well, so we have two main events every September, a FA auction (real-time, live bidding) and an "NHL Draft" where owners complete the rest of their active roster in a similar turn based format to a yearly league. We plan to keep this league around a long time, and are going to put the work in to make it fun for GMs. Cheers.
  • Comment on Crisp gets hat-trick in final rookie scrimmage; 55 players invited to main camp (2013-09-10 00:00:48)
    I noticed the discussion of fantasy football in the comments -- while we're on fantasy leagues, anyone interested in joining a new hockey keeper league can check out our constitution I've posted on Rotoworld: Everyone is welcome, from keeper league newbies to veterans. Email me: if you want a Word file or PDF copy of our constitution, or if you have any questions. Go Habs Go! Oh and just so I stay on the topic of the article, I still wish we had picked Jordan Subban, but good to see Crisp can put the puck in the net. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at HIO -- been a reader here for many years, and this is the best site any fan could ask for!