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Habs fan since: Since my Dad laced up my first pair of skates
Favorite current player: Sidney Crosby
All-time favorite player: THE ROCKET


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    Like too take a moment for thanking my new buddy Ian Cobb for the invitation to last weekend's H.I.O. Summit . My lady and i enjoyed ourselves watching a very well organised , carefully planned , and excellently run series of events . And we were there for only two of them . But in talking to some of you its' evident of the shared passion we all have for our " HABS " , my hope is that we may have to do another one of these get togethers a little earlier next year , lets' say in June , as we watch our " HABS " driving down ST. Catherine's ST. with " OUR " Stanley Cup in tow ....... Allan Globensky " HABS " fan since i was knee high too a grass hopper