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  • Comment on Habs sign Fournier, three more prospects; camp ends Sunday (2013-07-06 17:42:44)
    I like what Bergevin is doing. You only have so much cap space to work with. If I could change something with what's available, I'd trade Desharnais for some picks and sign Derek Roy.
  • Comment on Live-blog lives! (2012-08-17 10:19:04)
    NHL 13 Player Ratings for your Montreal Canadiens - and a projected line-up? ;)
  • Comment on Predators match Flyers’ offer for Weber (2012-07-25 09:36:50)
    Alex Kovalev - not Sergei (AK 27 - 46)
  • Comment on The latest on Shane Doan (2012-07-23 15:50:12)
    Gullible? I don't believe the things he writes. I just mentioned it for the sake of conversation. Take a deeeeep breath, Newf.
  • Comment on The latest on Shane Doan (2012-07-23 14:05:09)
    Interesting line-up. Although I'd rather Pleks centering Eller.
  • Comment on The latest on Shane Doan (2012-07-23 14:03:19)
    What do you guys' think of Boyle to the Habs? It's a rumor Eklund is spreading. I think he'd be a nice fit, and he is from Ottawa.
  • Comment on Habs en vacances (2012-07-18 21:14:25)
    This could be interesting.
  • Comment on Geoffrion signs; Centennial Plaza bites dust for Habs highrise condo project (2012-07-16 14:20:45)
    I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to in your post. I believe your secret word is Jets. Jets and a new tall building. Hmmm...
  • Comment on Saturday video theatre (2012-07-16 10:25:50)
    I just posted the same email not realizing you had already posted.
  • Comment on Saturday video theatre (2012-07-16 10:23:53)
    I received an email this morning re: the Centennial Plaza. This is what it had to say: At a press conference held at the Bell Centre this morning, Montreal Canadiens management took part in announcing an important partnership between the organization and a notable group of investors including  Cadillac Fairview, Canderel, and the Fond Immobilier de Solidarité FTQ, to build a residential tower unlike any other in Montreal. La Tour des Canadiens will be erected on Centennial Plaza, the space where thousands of bricks purchased by fans such as yourself ahead of the club’s 100th anniversary are currently on display.  We wanted to reach out to each and every one of you because we can appreciate the importance of the gesture you made when you ordered your brick several years ago; you not only paid homage to the ties and passion you and/or your loved ones have for the Canadiens, but you helped directly fund the very construction of Centennial Plaza itself. Please rest assured that until your brick can be reintegrated into the environment surrounding the new residential complex, it will be carefully removed from Centennial Plaza and stored along with all others at a secure facility.  We will ensure that your brick remains preserved in its current state without incident throughout any phase of construction that would otherwise risk damaging what we are sure is an important symbol of your attachment to the Canadiens. As an organization, it is of critical importance for us to ensure all of Centennial Plaza’s components – your bricks, the statues honoring our legends, and the surrounding elements – all remain in pristine condition throughout the construction period and are reintegrated in a seamless, appropriate manner within the new space.  The project’s developers are equally committed in that regard as it is clear these elements are what will help make La Tour des Canadiens and the Bell Centre one of downtown Montreal’s premiere destinations. We will keep you abreast of developments in the coming months.  Know that your contribution will always be an important part of Montreal Canadiens history. To learn more about the project announced today, we invite you to visit Thank you for your continued support and passion.  You remain the inspiration for our drive to succeed both on and off the ice. The Montreal Canadiens