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  • Comment on About this afternoon … (2015-02-02 07:08:57)
    So, who else thinks Carroll had money on the Pats?
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-28 10:12:10)
    And it's not like he was burning it up before they signed him, either.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 16:09:10)
    My view is that the rules are the rules. If you don't like them, get them changed. As it stands, as UCE points out, they seem to have actively done something to break the rules. Again. And they got caught. Again. If Lynch gets all of these fines for refusing to talk to the media or making some gestures, what should people get who have been caught for cheating multiple times? Should be big. But won't be.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-21 08:43:40)
    2 things I noticed during my sporadic viewing of the game last night: 1) Gally taking a key late game O-zone faceoff with DD and Chucky out there with him. Pierre Houde mentioned that it's not uncommon for Gally to do this when the faceoff is on the right side. This was something that I wasn't aware of but found interesting. 2) I saw 2 or 3 occasions where Nashville players seemed to take deliberate runs at Emelin, coming it with elbows up high. If he hasn't ducked each time, the result would've been pretty bad, I think. Seemed like deliberate head-hunting to me. I guess I know why they are call the "Predators" now.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets preview: Emelin will be in lineup for Habs (2015-01-14 12:29:07)
    Met her last year. Much better in person.
  • Comment on Emelin could be odd man out for Habs against Blue Jackets (2015-01-14 08:37:52)
    So Rinne is out. They say day to day, but I wonder how long it will really be and what impact that could have on standings, stats, awards, etc., if it turns out to be long term. Bad week for goalies, to be sure.
  • Comment on Jarred Tinordi knockout brings up questions about fighting (2015-01-13 13:46:37)
    Wow. The Queen one is strangely fascinating. As for the other one, if I could somehow Photoshop the old Patrick Roy brick wall poster and this together, I think I'd have a winner.
  • Comment on Jarred Tinordi knockout brings up questions about fighting (2015-01-13 12:57:45)
    So much to say. So little ability to say it. Maybe I need to hire someone to be my ghost writer. A lot of stuff going on here today, so this may be long and rambling, so feel free to skip along. 1) I didn't grow up playing high-level hockey (outdoor rinks with my buddy, that was it), or being surrounded by people who were great hockey minds, so when I question anyone's decisions, be it the coach or general manager, it is just that: a question. I don't understand some of the moves that have been made. Doesn't mean I don't agree with them and I can't really question the results. What it does mean is that I would love to be able to sit down with MT and MB so they could explain it to me. I love to learn and understand. That is all (on this subject, anyway). 2) I've seen this site change over the last few seasons. Could be the divisive personality of our current coach, could be people not used to a winning team. Who knows? What I see on the ice is a team that's getting better from one year to the next, a team with a still young core with big "upside." I am at once excited to see how far this incarnation can go and anxious/impatient for them to get there. Everything takes time. Ask the Leafs and Oilers... 3) I miss baseball. I realized that this summer when I accidentally flipped on a game. Haven't really watched since the Expos were taken away from us and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed watching an afternoon game on a bright sunny day, even if it was just on TV. Once I win the lottery, I will be sure to contact Warren Cromartie to see how I can help. 4) I am a very sarcastic person. Hard to bring that across sometimes through text. Some of my comments (of the few that I have made) may have been misconstrued in the past. I love the Habs and support the team. As per point 1, I don't always get what's going on, and few of us can, without being in the room and hearing the conversations that happen between management and players. What did MT/MB really tell Tinordi when he was sent down? Darned if I know. That doesn't mean that I don't support them every day, even if I'm confused or upset by what's going on publicly. When I change the channel when the team gets scored on, my wife kind of snickers. I hate seeing them lose. 5) I need an avatar and am taking suggestions. Ideas? Enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk dropped from Canadiens’ first line as Therrien mixes things up at practice (2015-01-12 13:23:12)
    Wow, that's kind of mean. Have you no sole?
  • Comment on Habs’ OT loss to Penguins infuriates Carey Price (2015-01-12 13:20:13)
    Sorry, my sarcasm font wasn't working and I forgot a smiley face. I was, in fact, joking and feeding into the spirit of Jack Todd's article.