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  • Comment on Round 3, Game 2: Canadiens fire blanks again (2010-05-18 11:55:37)

    Can they rebound?...Absolutely!!

    They have to play with the same desperation they played all the games they won while up against the wall in rounds 1 and 2.

    Be proactive and not reactive, make them chase you and be willing to stop the puck with your face!

    It aint any harder than that.

  • Comment on Gazette Video: Flags and smoke (2010-05-13 12:26:56)

    Absolutely shameful.

    Unfortunately this is all outsiders remember. They don't look at the history, glory or devine right as some will call it. They think all habs fans are troublemakers.

    To think what will happen if #25 is a reality. Bring in the military or impose martial law??


  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 10:20:07)

    NHL - "So Zed, did you mean to break his neck and threaten his career?" Zed - "No!" NHL - "Ok, see you tomorrow night".

    2 questions should have been asked and considered prior to letting him off. "Why didn't you stop and show concern instead of skating off into the corner?" and "Have you made an attempt to contact Max or the organization to show that you really didn't mean to hurt him?"

    Is there really an absense of malice here? Dude at least show you have a heart!!

    Because I am a "professional" athlete I am only partially responsable for my actions. I applaud the descision to a criminal investgation where these 2 questions would be asked.

  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 12:27:40)

    If nothing is done to calm people down I will hate to imagine what can happen in the first home game if the Bruins and Habs meet in the playoffs. I can foresee a "Richard Riot" level incident or worse. Imagine diehard Bruin and habs fans in the stands.

    The league needs to consider this possibility.

  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 12:54:25)

    If you are referring to my post regarding a "Richard type Riot" I was not saying let's have one... I was saying if nothing is done to calm people down then I fear that is something that can happen.