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  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-15 08:07:51)
    Morning all, Seeing as things are fairly calm here this morning.....calm before the storm I suppose! I thought maybe we could get a few opinions on the upcoming draft in relation to the habs. Is anyone in love with any one particular player in the vicinity of where the habs are drafting? Does anyone see Marc Bergevin trading up like he attempted to last year? I would like to see Adrian Kempe drafted. Keep in mind I haven't seen him play more then a couple games but seems to be a similar player to De La Rose....big, aggressive, feisty two type.
  • Comment on Budaj to start for Habs vs. Sens; Beaulieu called up after Murray suspended 3 games (2014-04-04 09:04:09)
    Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've posted. Hope everyone is well. I was just looking at an array of mock drafts. We're going to be selecting in and around the 20th overall portion of the draft. For all you draft guru's, who are some names you'd like to see chosen by the Habs? Personally, I'd love to see one of the swedes chosen. Either Anton Karlsson or Adrian Kempe. Both are said to be aggressive fore checkers with size and offensive abilities. Find a way to get both.....throw in De La Rose and have an amazing third line of hard nosed swedes at 6'2 and 200 pounds. Links to other mock drafts would be great for further debates. Thanks.
  • Comment on Crisp gets hat-trick in final rookie scrimmage; 55 players invited to main camp (2013-09-09 14:46:55)
    Excellent post krob1000.....very well stated. It's nice to see such great depth in our prospect pool. Mccaron and Crisp are exactly the style of player we needed to balance things out. My opinion is that way too many fans are wanting a Lucic clone from these guys. It's not gonna happen. Both are able to scrap and will stand up for a teammate but neither will be considered feared fighters. Lucic was always a feared fighter and the goal scoring progressed as he matured. If you watch their fights on hockey fights.com you'll see that their average at best brawlers. We need to channel our hopes and aim for more of a Bickel style of power forward. Fighting is.....and should be second. I'm a fan of it and it will forever have its place in hockey but I'd rather win a game then a fight.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-16 07:49:13)
    Excellent post Maritime Ron. An interesting look from someone who would know a thing or two about defensemen in Ulf Samuelsson. Good new for our future defensemen as a lot of them play that exact style of game; Beaulieu, Tinordi (for his size), Nygren (from scouting reports), Thrower. Not so good for our current defensemen; 1) Markov used to be an ok skater but his knee injuries have played havoc on his skating. 2) Gorges has never been a great skater. Below average to average at best. 3) Diaz is average. 4) Emelin is ok for his size but now has suffered a serious knee injury. Will that effect him going forward? 5) Frankie B..... Old and slow. Wow, Subban is our only above average skating d-man. I propose this question to you all......Could this have factored into Price's mediocre season last year?
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-15 17:58:28)
    @chris The defence would have proposed the dealing of the charges to a conditional discharge. The crown agreed to it. In essence, both sides are saying a mistake was made and are willing to move one. Again, speaking from a experience. If the Beaulieu's had wished to dispute the charge by way of a trial......they could have. This is when charges are usually pulled due to lack of evidence or reasonable chance of conviction. By the way, there is no such thing as a minimum sentence for having six marijuana plants.....at least not in Ontario's judicial system.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-15 15:02:31)
    From a Police perspective......sometimes charges are laid that we don't necessarily agree with. Discretion can be used. But if someone, usually a victim, is insisting charges be laid its sometimes difficult not to. Remember, the police don't decide the outcome of an incident. They determine 'right from wrong' and send it to the Crown Attorney to decide the severity of the punishment. From my experience, when the Crown does not want to proceed with strict punishment and is willing to deal.....they themselves agree its not worthy of being considered a big issue.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-15 14:46:02)
    @Timo......going forward as in two to three year plan. Not so much going forward this season. We need to allow our prospects and current young roster players to mature. I would consider our current roster as 'in transition'.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-15 11:55:03)
    Hi everyone, first time poster. I added a rather long introductory post but didn't realize the posts weren't added in order of being submitted. Scroll down and have a boo at it.....let me know what you's think. It was in regards to the habs in two years and their needs. Thanks.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-15 11:36:10)
    Greetings everyone. First time poster but long time reader! Excellent site to discuss, learn and share opinions regarding the most storied franchise in history. Let me start by saying I love what the Habs have been doing in the recent entry drafts. The elite players on any roster will get the lions share of the glory but the depth of a team allows them to shine. In other words, no one or two single player will win a team the ultimate goal......the Stanley cup. With that said, if you don't have the elite players, all of the depth in the world won't allow the goal to be achieved either. I truly believe the management team is building something here that will achieve great things in the near future.....and more importantly be able to sustain that success. This is being done through the draft. Realistically, I see the Habs competing in the next two seasons, but ultimately time is needed to fill out the roster. First, lets examine the centre position. Galchenyuk is our future and will be the elite top line centre with size that teams drool over. He needs time to hone his craft. Look how successful he was as an 18-19 year old player in NHL after missing an entire year of development. Now imagine how much he will have improved after two more full seasons and growing into his body. He is already mature beyond his years and makes the plays that only a handful of players can envision. Behind Galchenyuk is Lars Eller. He proved last year he was capable of playing in the two hole. And, I think the majority of us would agree he has yet to reach his full potential. He's big, defensively aware and offensively gifted. Imagine him with two more years of experience. Tomas Plekanec is only 30 years old. He has been our first line centre out of necessity for the past three years. He will provide the veteran presence to step up if one of the above are injured. His two way skills and defensive shutdown abilities are near elite and in the three hole he will be able to focus this skill set more appropriately without the burden of needing to produce first line points. He will still be relatively young in two more seasons. In goal we all know what we have. We have our elite net minder locked up for six more years. One season of average goaltending hasn't changed anything. Carey is still young in terms of goalies and will be just entering his prime (27 years) in two seasons. I know some fickle fans will question him.....but hypothetically, ask General Managers around the league if they would want Price leading their teams. I love the Zachary Fucale pick as well to provide depth or if need be a huge trade chip down the road. On defence we have our elite, number one, perennial all star, 30 minute a night stud in Subban. It's crazy, but I think he still has untapped potential. As with Galchenyuk, imagine him in two more seasons at the ripe old age of 25. We are blessed. Give him his 8 years at 7.5 to 8 million and be done with it. In two seasons, Jared Tinordi, with hopefully a couple hundred games under his belt will be PK's partner. Jared has been the elite shutdown d-man everywhere he has played in his short career. He captained his USA National Development team, he played 30 mins a night with London during their Memorial Cup run, he was the top d-man on the States under 20 team two years ago, and instantly became the top minute muncher on a young Bulldogs team. He will learn quickly. Nathan Beaulieu projects to be a number three d-man. His skill set is similar to that of Subban, just not at the elite level. He will complement Subban for years on the power play. Alex Emelin is an ideal, hard hitting, two way d-man that will fill out the top four. He has only played a couple of seasons in the NHL and will be in his prime playing years in a couple seasons. Josh Gorges is a gamer. In my opinion he is forced to play too many minutes in our current system. As a number five d-man he will be about as good as they come. A shot blocking machine. It's too difficult to determine bottom paring defence units and fourth lines. They seem to change regularly and this make it impossible to predict for future success. You will notice I have not included some key names from our current roster; Markov, Gionta, Desharnais, Moen, Bourque, Brier, Diaz etc. These are players that in two-three years time will either be playing a much lesser role or be gone from the team all together. This brings us to the wing position. This is an area we have some excellent players at......but, we lack the one 'elite' level game changer that I would like to see. We have that one 'elite' player at every other position in Subban, Price and Galchenyuk. Max Pacioretty is an excellent player and pivotal to future success but is not elite in my opinion. Two more years will allow him to grow even more, and the potential is there with him more so then anyone else on our roster. He will only be 26 in two seasons! Brendan Gallagher is in the same boat as Max. He has been a goal scorer everywhere he's gone and will battle like no other but is not elite. I absolutely love how he improved in leaps and bounds this year and gives 110% at all times. I see Gallagher as habitual 30 goal guy! Brandon Prust. Obviously not an elite player but elite at his craft. I see Prust being a fan favourite for years to come. Make no mistake about it, Prust is a top nine forward, obviously on the third line, but I see him as part of the future. This is where it gets thin. Keep in mind I'm aiming for a two-three year ultimate plan. We currently have stop gaps in the form of Briere, Gionta and Bourque. All are effective in their own way but will be out of their prime/peak years. We have some excellent prospects coming up through the ranks in Mccarron, Hudon, Bournival, Lehkonen, and my two favs Collberg and De La Rose (big fan of Swedes). Unfortunately, I don't see any of these prospects ready for prime time in two-three years. Collberg is the closest and could surprise. With that said, I see the majority of our moves in the next couple years being geared towards addressing this need.....In particular an elite game changer. We all know the three ways of doing this; 1) Trade 2) Free agency 3) High draft picks (Bergevin was attempting to move into the top ten this year and that makes me smile). In conclusion, an elite winger and solid top nine winger are needed going forward. Our depth accumulated through recent drafts will help sustain our success. Two year plan; Elite goalie.....check Elite centre......check (excellent depth as well) Elite defencemen......check (very good depth) Elite winger.......?????? (Good depth in terms of prospects) Sorry for the marathon read. My future posts will certainly not be like this. Just wanted to share my opinion of our team going forward and our glaring need(s). The future is bright!