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Favorite current player: Saku Koivu, Alex Kovolev
All-time favorite player: Larry Robinson


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  • Comment on Liveblog: Islanders at Canadiens (2013-02-21 23:08:13)
    100 percent. The audience needs to understand that $%^% happens. The best teams still lose games to teams that are desperate. Chill folks! Chill!!
  • Comment on First rumours (2008-02-26 08:43:37)
    As soon as I saw JFJ talking on TSN I turned off my TV and got on with the day. Milbury is a piece of work as well so between them; TSN will capture the lower IQ Hockey viewing population. I honestly hope we do NOTHING. I am willing to go the balance with what we have. the current cast has good skill and speed. If we can go to the second round this year; UFA may take notice of MTL and consider signing here and we wouldn't have to give up as much. It's a theory. Enjoy the day! $$$
  • Comment on Trade winds (2008-02-10 16:04:36)
    I wouldn't give up on Higgins. He is in the play most games, but just not quite "there" yet. His work ethic is better the n Ryder's. Ryder for Stoll; let's do it! At least Stoll works hard! $$$
  • Comment on Capital punishment (2008-02-09 22:00:40)
    1. Carbs will not be fired. He is still learning. Slowly obviously. 2. Yes, we are a one line team. Koivu, Ryder, and a couple of pickem's have got to go. 3. Hammer is missed 4. see #2 5. Agreed. Need a goon. Who? I don't think we trade for one though. 6. Huet did steal a couple last month. Price will in the Future. 7. Brisbrois blew it vs T.O and tonite as well. Lose him quickly. 8. Kovolev, Kotstitsyn's, Plek's, Markov, Price, Hamrlik. The rest are negiotiable. $$$
  • Comment on Capital punishment (2008-02-09 21:36:29)
    I admit I am not watching the game any more. What's the point. With that said; I am pissed as well. Lose to TML and then Ottawa. Why can't these guys get up for these games. Don't they know the other teams are certainly up for them!! This is where I question the prep of Carbs and his assistants. As fans I am sure we're thinking okay boys these are some tough games coming up so you'd better be ready. As coaches are they just sitting around play hacky sack!? Come one wake and smell the brew. We're in the part of the schedule that may as well be the playoffs! Bob: time for a Trade!!!! $$$
  • Comment on Capital punishment (2008-02-09 21:22:40)
    I have pondered this in my mind all year but I must now admit that maybe Saku must be removed from his captainsy. To reflect on the many teams in the league; their captains are the best player on the team. Saku was but is now no longer. Don't get me wrong; I still think much of him and all that he has been through no normal man could endure. He did. That said: I think that toll has brought us to a point in the teams timeline where maybe a change is required in order to move tho the next level. Unfortunate: yes. But we need to think beyond Koivu and focus on what the team needs in order to attain what I think they want to attain next year and that is a Stanley Cup for the city of Montreal. Saku is a Hall of Famer and a great Canadien but time does move on for all of us. $$$
  • Comment on Capital punishment (2008-02-09 19:24:39)
    Okay...U heard it hear first.....The flu is now in play in the Habs dressing room. Thanks Roman Hamrlik $$$
  • Comment on Huet is NHL’s third star for January (2008-02-01 18:02:01)
    Good for him! He deserves the recognition. It's also a reflection on well the D is playing as well. Offense is fun; defense wins games... $$$
  • Comment on Time for home ice to become advantageous (2008-01-29 11:22:10)
    Welcome to the new NHL.... $$$
  • Comment on Time for home ice to become advantageous (2008-01-29 10:03:53)
    Side note: Kovolev is just too fun to watch. How he wasn't in the Allstar skills contest is beyond me.... enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtbZZEuYNUM&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSpRyThtO9E&NR=1 $$$