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  • Comment on If you love hockey … (2010-06-09 13:06:16)

    I'm sorry, but I can't sympathize with these athletes.

    Suck it up, play 200 games a year for all I care.

    The kind of money, or waste of money, these guys are making is enough for me to NOT give a rats a$$ about how many games they play.

    They are in it for the glory, the fame and the dollar bill (y'all). Fortune and glory comes with a price tag.

    Suck. It. Up.

    PS : Allthough, I do agree that hockey season is too long - but not from the players point of view. It's freaking June!!!

    I think one of the best way to eliminate 2 weeks of post season hockey is make the first round a 3 out of 5 series. It's the best idea, I think, but team owners will strongly disagree, that's a given. Meh.

  • Comment on Flyers find life (2010-06-03 12:23:56)

    They actually listed Dominic Moore as a D. W.T.F.

  • Comment on Metro joins Habs for practice (2010-04-14 10:29:54)

    Correction. Metro wants a contract.

    Look, I know Metro is a team player for sure and if he can play it will be great for the Habs but don't be mistaken, Metro is playing his career RIGHT NOW.

  • Comment on Team photo precedes Habs practice (2010-03-18 13:31:13)

    Hell ya I remember...BIRDÉÉÉ

    Brings back memories!

  • Comment on Castoff Grabovski helps bury Habs (2008-11-10 09:55:30)
    So, everyone will pretend that they do not know why Grabovski was flattened out by Koivu (and the rest of the Canadiens)? No one saw the spear he did on Price? (Used the butt end of his stick) They showed that replay countless times on CBC Saturday night. I hope this little prick gets pounded by Komisarek next game. If you noticed, Grabovski did not enter the Canadiens zone from the right side...yes, that where it is waiting for you Grabovski. Komi is waiting...
  • Comment on Castoff Grabovski helps bury Habs (2008-11-10 11:08:35)
    And I believe the picture with this article is right when it happened.