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Habs fan since: Birth (1984)
Favorite current player: Tomas Plekanec and anyone who plays like Tomas Plekanec
All-time favorite player: Partick Roy


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  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-04 12:40:04)
    Your profile pic is a joke by the way too!! Canadian Hockey all the way!!!!!! haha Although I do really like Emelin. Hope he's the real deal. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-04 12:35:57)
    Did I say anything about Russians?? Not my fault if they tend to be the ones with no heart. I say the same about lots of Canadian players too, like "big" Joe Thornton.
  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-04 12:31:52)
    I'm definitely not laughing about either of those two things. Not an "anti-fan" over here, just think the whole Markov situation is ridiculous. He's made of glass, was never very productive in the playoff's anyway and is taking this long to recover!! I really don't think he's putting in much effort to get back out there, otherwise he'd be playing by now. Watch his "Your Canadiens" segment from before the season started last year. The host asks him how his summer was and he said it sucked because he had to work out all summer to rehab his knee!!!! So that means if he's not injured he's not working out in the off-season??? That's why Ovi's coming back down to earth and we should ditch guys like Markov. Good, not GREAT, good player but no heart!
  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-04 12:23:35)
    This league is a JOKE!!!!! ANDREI MARKOV IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not a classic, but a darn good game as Bruins eke out 1-0 win (2011-11-22 08:11:38)
    You don't know anything about hockey if you didn't take anything good away from this game. The loss sucks, and hurts us big time in the standings, but taking no positives away with that outcome from that lineup. Grow up! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not a classic, but a darn good game as Bruins eke out 1-0 win (2011-11-22 08:06:09)
    You're being far from realistic. We just saw a brutally injured and inexperienced team go toe to toe with the hottest team in the league and barely fall short. A good bounce our way earlier in the game, or at all, and this game is a whole different story. Stop being an anti-fan. You'd have a three paragraph long post at how unreal these young guys on D are if we would've won probably. And don't forget, this is NOT the team assembled by management. Most of that team is in the clinic!!! Just relax and hope for the best, about all you can do when your missing 7, that's right SEVEN, key components of your team. Realistic??? Pffff. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: First home win of the season (2011-10-26 18:51:52)
    This move isn't about it being Pearns fault for how the team is playing. Guarantee this is making room for someone better to come in. Be realistic for once people. People saying this move is embarrassing might be worse than people complaining about Emelin being on the 4th line in practice.....he was the only guy to put there that day!!!!!!!!!! Think for once people. And dare I say think positive??? Most people on here might have strokes if they tried to do that. Pearn ran the D and the special teams...all of which are horrible right now and the PP has been horrible for a lot longer than this season. Goes back to about January of last year. He had to go and someone better will come in. Guarantee it!! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on Cunneyworth, Ladouceur join Habs coaching staff (2011-07-22 16:53:08)
    You're being sarcastic I hope??? If not, you know nothing about hockey.
  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-04-19 21:51:25)
    Anyone watch Off The Record today? They showed a "Quirky Video" clip and it was a screenshot of the guide for LeafsTV. This is what the guide read: "Looking back at the Leafs historic march to 10th place in the Eastern Conference standings during the 2010-2011 season. " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That made me forget about last nights game instantly!! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on No matinĂ©es for first round vs Bruins (2011-04-10 22:44:17)
    So if I've read this and all other schedule's correctly, the only games in all of the First Round of the Playoffs that would be back-to-back would the the Habs vs Bruins Games 6 and 7. Way to go NHL!! Not only should there never be a back-to-backer in the Playoffs, but you wanna make a Habs vs Bruins Game 7 one?? Idiots.