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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-17 23:49:45)
    Rhino and Johnny, thanks for clearing up my mistake. Not sure what I was thinking, but I guess this helps explain the limited cap relief the Habs get from sending him down in the first place.
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    And if Bourque gets good enough that Montreal would recall him, he'd have to clear waivers and someone else would likely be glad to take him while leaving half of the cap on the Canadiens. So, short of making room for more kids in Hamilton, there's no upside for the big club to recalling Bourque.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-17 09:06:27)
    GMs know that you can never have too many capable defencemen. The Habs have 10 players capable of logging time along the blue line, including three on two-way contracts. They're well set up to keep Markov rested and are able to endure 2-3 injuries/suspensions without getting into deep trouble. Meanwhile, Hudon looks to be the next great late-round find. Hamilton is much better than its record and is developing some quality players.
  • Comment on Canadiens send Jarred Tinordi down to Hamilton, try new look on power play (2014-11-12 12:51:40)
    Flukester, Mark Tinordi, Jarred's dad, played 5 years of junior AND spent 53 games up and down between the IHL/AHL and NHL before settling in for 663 games in the NHL. I think young Jarred will be fine as long as Sylvain Lefebvre and Donald Dufresne are working with him and he's getting 1-2 minutes. This is exactly why rookie contracts and the waiver system are designed this way. For all of you folks hyperventilating about Gonchar, the move is strictly the team buying options. It gave up a part-time forward for a part-time defenceman. Gonchar's 1,250+ games mean he brings a lot of experience to the defence, a player capable of playing both sides well, and the ability to step in for injured players. Also, next year, the team can let go of a contract (Moen had another year) so they can have another young kid and not have to let kids go under CBA contract limits, like they did Prybl and others. If they're smart, Beaulieu and Tinordi will embrace their time with the Bulldogs, play lots of intense minutes, ask the coaches for advice on how to stick, and arrive in Montreal next year in the 3-4 spots. SB
  • Comment on Rene Bourque will be healthy scratch for Canadiens vs. Sabres (2014-11-05 14:41:19)
    PrimeTime -- I'm totally with you. Not suggesting team needs to be built for now, but getting a primo defenceman at this point in the season to log some of the minutes Markov is currently carrying will make the team better come April to June. Gilbert is not the answer. He's not the problem either, but the Canadiens need more reliable minutes from a veteran or gamble on some of the kids.
  • Comment on Rene Bourque will be healthy scratch for Canadiens vs. Sabres (2014-11-05 14:08:13)
    The time has come for Marc Bergevin to make a move -- a pretty big one. He needs to choose one of Beaulieu or Tinordi and one of Pleks, Eller or DD. Perhaps the Habs could get Vlasic from San Jose to log minutes and lead the team when Markov can't. Failing that, maybe Ottawa could be persuaded to trade Methot to Montreal. Up front, moving Bourque and Moen would be addition by subtraction. It's time MT puts his faith in the speedy kids -- #49 and #26, Thomas, Carr and Andrighetto to beat teams by outskating them.
  • Comment on Habs have best record in NHL after Saturday’s win over Avalanche (2014-10-19 11:52:33)
    I agree. The Gaz should can it. I would much prefer a really quick 1-paragraph summation after each period so, if I am trapped at work, I can get a quick update without having to read that Tinordi thumped some Carolina jerk into the boards and Weise drew a penalty... Just the facts....
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 20:42:47)
    But Gionta is gone, so that's 18 goals and 22 assists that need to be replaced. Vanek was just passing through, so we can't really count him and his 15 points. White and Malhotra are pretty much a wash. Can Sekac get 40 points as a rookie? I'm of the mind that as Bourque goes, so goes the season. If he and Eller can find even a fraction of the chemistry they had in the playoffs, this will be a great year. If not, and MT is dependent on DD and MaxPac to score all his point, there will be a lot of 3-2 games, and a lot of gnawed finger nails as April approaches.
  • Comment on Lines taking shape as Habs prepare to face Blackhawks (with video) (2014-09-30 14:26:36)
    Isn't Jacob Dowell actually Jake Dowell and if so, in what universe is he a youngster. He's 29.