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  • Comment on New off-ice hires: audio from Canadiens press conference (2012-06-13 19:19:53)
    Ian - Nothing on the Internet is ever lives forever... Submitted by Ian Cobb on Thu, 09/24/2009 - 11:47. Patrice Brisebois took it all in stride. And with his large heart and broad shoulders he carried more of the blame for his teams poor performance than he should have. He was the consummate professional team mate. Brisebois was never a top 2nd defenceman his whole career. He played the game with all his worth every time on the ice. His low shot from the point was on net more than not, creating chances. After 16 years in this tough league he came back home as the 7th D for the past 2 years. He replaced the young and developing kids, and injured players that were higher and younger on the pecking order than himself. He had to fill in on the power play and in situations that required a younger player, but he never complained. As an older player he was chalenged to keep up at times and errors that all players make were critisised way out of proportion. I am every bit as proud of him as any player who wore our colours over the years. Patrice Brisebois has played his all and entertained me over the years in the game we both love. Merci Monsieur !!! Ian
  • Comment on Hal Gill’s status still uncertain, Martin says (2010-05-11 16:31:44)

    Bruce Boudreau Q&A Transcript from earlier today...

    Interesting note - he is rooting for the Habs!

  • Comment on Miracle on Ice? (2010-04-15 08:57:57)

    Great Photoshop Job! But why did you leave Jacques' real ears in the picture....oh wait...

  • Comment on Never in doubt (2011-03-01 17:30:03)

    Totally agree - I used to follow the blog on my Blackberry, and now that's been taken away.

    When I would work late, I would PVR the game and then forward to the times in Boone's Blog on my phone in a "Canadiens Express"-like fashion...

    Smartphone users are the highest growth area, yet HIO seems to be focusing only on those who access the blog with a PC/laptop...Even accessing the blog on an iPad is buggy.

    I think others would agree that since the mobile site was introduced last year, the experience of accessing HIO through a smartphone has become worse and worse...Less functionality, forced redirects, no comments, and now, no Blog.   :(


  • Comment on The state of sunshine (2011-03-03 10:15:09)

    "176,069 page views on the mobile site"

    Note that in November, the mobile site had 191,008 page views - a decrease of 15,000 hits....And February is a month with an overall increase in traffic! Clearly an indication that we mobile users are saying "sucks to your asmar" to the mobile site.

    Please fix (or scrap) the mobile site!


  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-04 09:28:57)

    "Canadiens have put together a url for the first time in a month"

    In skimming the article quickly, I was certain that was just another typo, but in re-reading the previous sentence, it actually made me laugh out loud! Good one Boone!


  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 11:45:01)

    Apologies if this has been mentioned, but what was with Bob McKenzie's report on Patches last night?

    Not so much the content, but rather, it looked like Bob was not able to talk properly. It reminded me of someone who is about to have a stroke and is losing the capacity to speak. What gives?