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  • Comment on Brière, Emelin healthy scratches for Habs against Stars (2014-01-02 15:32:49)
    FYI to those ppl. who criticized me about St. Pierre: @ habs001 - So what then if he's 30 years old! Look at his stats: Martin St. Pierre has 7G, 18A, and 25pts. I would rather let St. Pierre play with the Habs than for a Briere who's paid $8 Million for 2 years and had done little or nothing at all. Now he's sitting his ass on the pressbox for this game. You call that guys a good acquisition? You tell me! And everybody here is complaining why Erik Cole went to Dallas! Big Deal. He's not here anymore!
  • Comment on Brière, Emelin healthy scratches for Habs against Stars (2014-01-02 14:27:10)
    I have high hopes as well with both Leblanc and St. Pierre. The team needs most of the young prospects from Hamilton to boost the struggling offense.
  • Comment on Pacioretty named to Team USA for Sochi Olympics (2014-01-01 22:20:21)
    I want Torts and his Canucks team to beat the lightning tonight. That will make the Habs safe in the standings.
  • Comment on Pacioretty named to Team USA for Sochi Olympics (2014-01-01 22:13:32)
    Maybe this is now the time he's making the effort to have that good impression with the scouts and with Management. We'll see...
  • Comment on Pacioretty named to Team USA for Sochi Olympics (2014-01-01 21:59:11)
    Time will tell if McCarron has the stuff to make it into the NHL. I'm not fully convinced that he can deliver what the Habs need. If he does pass his stint with the OHL, then he should get a nod from Bergevin and management to come to Hamilton. Keep in mind though, he was not selected to play for team USA at this current World Juniors in Sweden.
  • Comment on Pacioretty named to Team USA for Sochi Olympics (2014-01-01 19:01:13)
    Congrats to Pacioretty being named at the US Olympic hockey team. Hopefully, this will make a statement if whether Bergevin would consider trading him or not (And I DO hope it will NOT happen at all!).
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 16:30:57)
    So, the Maple Leafs made a move by Trading John Micheal Liles to Carolina for Tim Gleason. And this was all happening behind the scenes during the Winter Classic. Kinda reminds myself of what Gauthier did to Cammalleri in exchange for Bourque 3 years ago. If that's the case and possibly more trades will come before deadline, why not the GM here pull the trigger and makes some calls now. Our Habs need players who are bigger and faster. Its 2014 so why can't we see big changes now till off-season!
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 11:24:57)
    Therrien alternatives: guy who speaks french and has a good track record. Where are they in North America? Difficult to find! Guy Boucher may be a long shot but his 1-3-1 trap offense style is proven to be ineffective as well. Brent Sutter or Mike Babcock can take the head coaches posting if Therrien vacates it. But again, this city will cry foul if another 'anglo' coach who can't speak french will come here and guide our team.
  • Comment on About last … yuck! 2014 has to be better than that (2014-01-01 10:57:25)
    If we are going to 'ask' changes to both Therrien and Bergevin, IMO these will be those new year's resolutions that should happen: From now on till the end of the regular season going to the playoff (if they will make it): (a) Bring back the kid/EGG line. (b) Bournival would have to supplement as a RW moving forward. Patches and DD are not going to work without a RW. Gallagher was doing fine with Eller and Galchenyuk till the coach break the kid line. Now, we don't have a working line unit. (c) Bring back also the Markov-Subban pairing. (d) No more lineup changes! Therrien is contributing in this team's implosion! He should know better and juggling line combos DO NOT do any work! (e) Other players need to step up. Here are the only visibles who had done offensive work so far for the last 20 games: Plekanec, Pacioretty, and Galchenyuk. Others like Eller, Gallagher, Prust, Subban, and Markov, are the only people who are contributing. The rest: Gionta (man, I'm puzzled why he got the "C"), Briere, Bourque, White, Moen, Bournival, and Desharnais are invisible. What? Are they paid to skate or to play hockey? (f) Other Dmen need to step up: Emelin, Diaz, and Gorges have got to wake up! They are in a funk and its costing them games. Murray may be slow but he's effective during puck battles. Boullion is also ineffective due to his size and I seem to wonder if he's here b/c he's another chez nous, American citizen, guy. (g) Mngmt. and Coaching should give a shot at Bulldogs players. Guys like Pateryn, Leblanc, St. Pierre, Bealieu, and Tinordi need to play. I think for their development, its time to bring them back in the lineup. For the trade deadline and off-season: (h) If Max Pacioretty is rumoured to be traded or wants to be traded, Bergevin should either ask for a big trade. It would be John Tavares if its the NYI and Claude Giroux if he wants to be in Philly. (i) Subban and Eller have to be resigned. Bergevin will have to ask an 8 year deal for #76. But, it won't come cheap. Eller will also be included with contract negotiations. (j) Other players I think will be in consideration are: Murray, White, and Markov. Markov made a statement last year being a robust defenseman and I think he should come back. (k) Gionta and Parros are done. Likewise, Diaz should not be given a contract extension. (l) Other possible trades: Briere, Bourque, Desharnais, Moen, and Drewiske. (m) The Habs are in need of: a top-six right winger, a centerman, another solid Dman. Bergevin should change his motto to "No Excuses" to "Super Size Me". Lean and Big is the new thing in the NHL. The Habs will NOT win a Stanley Cup if he takes players that are small. (n) Management should do a better job in drafting players come July at Philly. Last year's draft: McCarron's a joke! Fucale was suppose to be a 1st round choice but its good to have him as a Hab.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 41 – Canadiens blow 3-0 lead, lose 5-4 in OT (2013-12-31 22:54:39)
    I wonder if Zach Fucale might still be wanting to play goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens? Even though he's having a kick out of playing at the World Juniors, he could end up having the same problems Price is having right now - "In 2-3 years time." If he can handle the circus here, good luck! Man, what did Bergevin do to lure Alex Galchenyuk here? He should've said No instead at the draft now that he's living with the CH nightmare! Or, maybe he wished he's still Yakupov's teammate from their Sarnia Sting days.