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  • Comment on About Sunday evening … (2013-12-29 21:50:11)
    I know it's easy to panic when the team plays poorly, but I am increasingly frustrated with Michel Therrien. If he thinks that this is a grinding team the organization and fans will be disappointed once again when the playoffs come. In the last 3 minutes of the TB game the 4th line (Moen, Prust and White) had 2 shifts and Buillion was on the ice with a minute to go in a tie hockey game. Why? At what cost does this have on the morale of the top units? What are Moen, Prust and Buillion going to accomplish in the last minute? Also, how much powerplay time did 55 get? More than he should have. The Habs have a stud goalie, solid top 4 D and a good top line (when they are not spread throughout the lineup by MT). I understand they can't run and gun every shift, but watching the ice time certain players receive at key moments leaves me shaking my head. I have no way of knowing this but MT has a reputation of wearing out his welcome after 2-3 seasons. Based on the inconsistant play of late I am wondering if some of the team have tuned this guy out? I am not a bandwagon jumper and am generally happy with things, but let's be honest, Price has made the team and coach look much better than they are on many many nights this season.
  • Comment on Habs shake up lines at practice (2013-11-18 20:34:09)
    "Rebuild that obviously needs to happen" .... did I miss something??? Price, Subban, Eller, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Pacioretty. They are all potential all stars who are 25 or younger. Agreed, they need some additional parts, but c'mon man ... a rebuild???
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-10 11:14:51)
    It only took one loss for Boone to jump back off the bandwagon. Win or tie, he loves the Habs!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-02 01:24:37)
    Oh Markov! He's just not the same player after the knee problems. Pairing him with Diaz is a poor decision that will cost the Habs dearly.
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire enforcer Parros from Panthers (2013-07-06 01:43:46)
    Well said
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire enforcer Parros from Panthers (2013-07-06 01:29:59)
    There are certainly a lot of experts here who know what it takes to win at the NHL level. In the limited number of posts I have read there hasn't been one person who has mentioned the date. It's July 6th people. There is no guarantee the players on the roster today will be on the roster in October. Unless you work in the front office you have no idea what MB might/could be trying to do. Instead of moaning and griping about what we don't have let's look at what we do have and how those assets can be used to get better. Afterall, that's what real GM's do.
  • Comment on Habs ‘in back of the bus,’ but could still find a driver at draft (2013-06-29 04:43:05)
    If Fucale is still on the board at 25 it will be very interesting to see what MB does.
  • Comment on Habs ‘in back of the bus,’ but could still find a driver at draft (2013-06-29 04:35:52)
    Everybody at reasonable price and term is more desirable than the alternative. Vinny is going to get 5 million on a 4-5 year deal everyone pretty much agrees with this assessment. Therefore, if you want Vinny on your team do you want him at market price? We don't need a poll question to spell that out. I don't want him cause it hurts the development of Eller and Galchenyuk AND it's 2013 Vinny not 2004 Vinny.
  • Comment on Habs ‘in back of the bus,’ but could still find a driver at draft (2013-06-29 04:29:11)
    History also tells us that 6' Centres who can score and have some grit are long gone by pick #25. As was Vinny D when he went 6th overall. I'd be happy with another Pacioretty type player at 25.
  • Comment on Subban will win Norris Trophy: report; Melanson bashes Price (2013-06-13 06:10:28)
    Bergevin is smart enough not to bring in a French back up. The pressure to play the French back up everytime Price has a bad game would be off the charts. Management doesn't need that headache and neither does CP. I agree Price needs stronger competition than Budaj.