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  • Comment on About last night …. (2014-10-09 09:43:12)
    I have been excited to see the Gallagher-plekanec-galchenyuk line. They were clicking really good by 3 rd period. Still can't believe people were suggesting Plekanec be traded to make room for kids? You don't replace a player like him, with his many strong points in both ends of the ice. I can guarantee you every GM around the league will tell you that. Some of the comments on this site make me laugh- to trade our personnel like plekanec to give more ice to the youth is exactly why the oilers are at the bottom of the standings every year. You HAVE to insulate youth with experience, it is a balance. Again the Oilers will be expecting huge results from their two of three of their centres- R N Hopkins and Rookie Drisiatel? Great players not yet ready for Plekenec like minutes and responsibility in this league. Might work on the XBox but not in the real nhl people. Haven't commented in a long time, but I read daily, love you guys!
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Habs sign Markov to three-year contract; Burns named to Hall of Fame (2014-06-24 00:42:10)
    Hey everyone. On another note-Friday draft day is going to be very eventful don't forget to tune in. Should be interesting with all the roster changes! javascript:showThumb(5);
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff game 3 – Canadiens win a tight one, take 3-0 series lead (2014-04-20 22:28:36)
    Up 3 games to none all the haters must be cringing right now! I was thinking earlier today as well - explain this to me...... J.Quenville gets a 25,000 dollar fine for a inappropriate gesture that if you blinked you missed it- Lucic totally sticks a guy in the " you know where" and lays him out poor D Dekeyser, seen on national television and he gets only a 5000 dollar fine??????? Dont tell me what's inappropriate NHL! AND he s done it before! javascript:showThumb(5);
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-13 23:52:05)
    Yes Steve Simmonds is a idiot! He has also said on a couple occasions though I don't recall him saying it this yr that Toronto would finish with more points by seasons end. Then Toronto goes and has he back half season melt down and it makes me laugh. And seriously can't stomach that guy! javascript:showThumb(5);
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-13 23:47:37)
    Hey all! Excited for playoffs , I think if MTL takes just 1 of the first two games they ll take the series. Our boys have been feeding on momentum since the Ott come back with the exception of the last couple of games. If they steal one or both MTL will hurt Tampa at home. That being said I can honestly see the team misses Chucky, something they ll have to contend with. His creativity on the second pp unit also missed. Oh, the Boston-Detroit series will be fun. I do feel the booins will take it but not with out a fight. I have enjoyed watching the Red Wings this yr, Tatar,Nyquist even Sheahan are fun to watch and are smart players. And now Datsyuk is back! Anyways final thoughts - GHG! Et Le But- And and and eat dirt Torontonians! javascript:showThumb(5);
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 70 – Vanek arrives, scores three to bury Avalanche (2014-03-19 00:12:53)
    Well at least you cheer for the Habs lol! who you follow in NFL? javascript:showThumb(5);
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 70 – Vanek arrives, scores three to bury Avalanche (2014-03-19 00:10:29)
    Actually Lebrun,Freidman and Mcguire all said on TSN 690 the following day that Subban made the intelligent play to find DD at side of net for open netter to tie. Subby got the credit people noticed
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 70 – Vanek arrives, scores three to bury Avalanche (2014-03-19 00:06:31)
    gravros7--what you hate the Steelers for man? Tell my you don't cheer for the Ravens !!!
  • Comment on Habs call up Tinordi from Bulldogs (2014-02-23 20:09:27)
    I watched a Bulldogs -Marlies game shortly before the Olympic Games. Beaulieu was the only player that stood out to me and created opportunities for the team when he was on the ice. The game was close with not much happening but when Beaulieu had the puck the Dogs were getting shots and breaking the offensive zone.One PP in particular stood out for me, the second unit came out first and could get nothing done, Beaulieu came off the bench and went end to end twice and quarter backed beautifully! By far he was the best player on both sides and is farthest along in progression as far as Habs prospects are concerned IMO
  • Comment on Liveblog: Olympic Games, gold-medal game: Canada 3, Sweden 0 (2014-02-23 17:29:33)
    Happy to watch Canada capture the gold. Been reading all your posts and i can't help but laugh as i do after each Habs game. love all you guys,tons of passion.My thoughts on Carey-he did his job and was solid! If he let in even just 1 bad goal, Canada may have had a different outcome with the way the game is played on big ice, they did win 3 games by 1 goal one of which in OT. But he didn't allow that goal ,and, all of Canada now is not going off on him questioning his skill set and his ability to perform on the big stage including many posters on this site! That being said- he did not in anyway have as difficult a job as some of the other goaltenders due to the team in front of him. Much like Brodeur in Jersey for over a decade did not face more than 18 or 20 shots a night with 90% or more coming from perimeter areas of the ice.Brodeur was really rarely called upon to win games over a 10 year period he just needed to do his job,which he did and they won-alot. Congrats to this remarkable team with its many Allstars in their varied roles including my favourite player on this team PK Subban! ready to read your replies lol