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  • Comment on Habs send Tokarski to Hamilton for conditioning stint; Pacioretty listed as day-to-day (2014-12-19 14:24:59)
    DD on the wing is an interesting move. I can see the potential for chemistry between him and Eller. Imagine they click. It would no longer be DD or Eller, but rather DD and Eller. Anyways, prior to seing this these were the lines I had concocted. Then again I don't think there is much chance of MT going this route: Gallagher-Galchenyuk-Paccioretty Ghetto-Plekanec-Weisse Prust-Eller-Sekac Parenteau-Desharnais-Bournival To me that is 3 very good lines (all of which have already shown some chemistry) and 1 that is probably missing a little spark, the Plekanec line. What do you think?
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-24 10:27:55)
    What do you think about mixing up the lines a bit? I think this would be the most dynamic and dangerous line we could assemble as of now: Paccioretty Galchenyuk Sekac Unfortunately that would leave a major drop off for the other lines. Something like: Desharnais Eller Gallagher Bournival Plekanec Parenteau Prust Malhotra Weise ... not too inspiring
  • Comment on Liveblog: The losing streak is over (2014-11-20 22:38:23)
    Some interesting stats on Weise since coming to Montreal: last year 17GP 3G, last year playoffs 16GP 3G, this year 17GP 4G. That's pretty consistent and puts him on track for a healthy 12-15 G/yr. Nice contribution from a 3rd/4th liner!
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Brandon Prust is Habs’ tough big brother (2014-11-16 15:31:59)
    Here's a little summary of MB's work so far: 2014-2015 IN: Gonchar, Tangradi, 2nd, Parenteau, 5th, 5th, Sekac, Gilbert, Malhotra OUT: Moen, Budaj, Holland, Gorges, Briere, Leblanc, White, Gionta, Vanek, Parros, Bouillon, Murray 2013-2014 IN: Vanek, 5th, Weaver, Weise, Parros, Thomas, Briere, Murray OUT: Collberg, 2nd, 5th, Diaz, 7th, Kristo, Ryder, Armstrong, Kaberle, Weber, Halpern 2012-2013 IN: Drewiske, Ryder, 3rd, Tokarski, Prust, Bouillon, Armstrong OUT: 5th, Cole, Desjardins, Gomez, Darche, Campoli, Nokelainen, Palushaj One of the things I really like about MB: He is very good at identifying the dead wood and has often been able to make a trade to salvage something useful in return. I wouldn't consider his trades as robberies but they have consistently been upgrades. I know he gets a bit of a bad rap for his contract renewals (Desharnais, Emelin, Moen, Prust, Gilbert...) but they have not been that bad. Maybe they might be a tiny bit overpriced but nothing too bad. Maybe they might be 1 year too long but I personally think he likes that extra year where he can then flip the guy to get back some future assets (e.g. Briere for Parenteau and a 5th). Also, that extra year creates a situation where the up-and-comer has to 'take' the roster stop, i.e. it's not just given to him, and that's another thing he likes. Anyways, just a few thoughts...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Down 3-0, Canadiens rally and win in Shootout (2014-10-11 22:03:12)
    I never thought they could come back from that 32-0 deficit... but they did it! Never say die!
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-22 22:42:12)
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  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs will face more pressure next season (2014-06-12 21:52:34)
    Bump for RW
  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 14:15:31)
    Oh, and how could I forget: Vanek! If we can squeeze him in under the cap then no-doubt, re-sign him. We will not be able to find a goal-scorer of his caliber. He makes the team much better. Forget about his terrible playoffs. His soft hands are his best weapon (stick handling in tight, great shot, good pass) but one of them was broken...
  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 14:07:05)
    What a run! I was just a little kid when the Canadiens won the cup in 93. From there it has been a pretty tough road. The very dark years of Tremblay and Houle. I cried when Roy (my favorite player) was traded. Then the years of Savard, Gainey, Gauthier bumbling arond more or less in the middle of the pack. This playoff run was the first time for me that I actually started to wonder if it could really be happening! Like many have said, this team is looking bright. It's not just the talent that is developing but also the culture. And on that, I wanted to share a few thoughts about what we might see from Bergevin this summer. Stubbs' interview with Molson was an interesting one. There was one line that really stuck out for me. Molson mentioned that one of the planks of Bergevins philosophy is stability. For that reason I think we might see a lot of the guys coming back: On D: 1. Weaver, re-sign him, a no-brainer, a solid bottom pairing or depth D 2. Markov, re-sign him, no way to replace him, STABILITY 3. Bouillon and Murray, gone Up front: 1. Gionta, I hate watching him play, he annoys me, last night he played terribly, did anyone else see that blind pass right up the middle of our zone which led to a scoring chance in the 3rd? Terrible! BUT, he is wearing the C. So getting rid of him means you need to select a new captain. A big question in terms of team culture. I believe that the next captain has to be Subban. He is a leader and a winner. Anyone who watched this playoff run could see it. But Bergevin and Therrien probably don’t think he’s ready for it. So for that reason only, I think we might see Gionta come back on a cheap 3rd line contract to wear the C for a couple more years… What do you think? 2. Weisse, a no-brainer 3. White, probably gone but I hope they bring him back for depth, I like him 4. Parros, gone What a year!
  • Comment on Habs looking to clinch playoff home-ice advantage vs. Islanders (2014-04-10 14:47:29)
    I really like the idea of an Eller - Bournival - Gallaher 3rd line...