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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-29 09:45:27)
    Yes, but you have to wonder how much longer we'll have to wonder about this (before actually SEEING it). Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Habs first team in NHL to hit 100-point mark, but are they ready for playoffs? (2015-03-27 08:57:17)
    Todd's not citing reasonable arguments about the Habs's issues: the coach IS the problem, but who, other than wingnuts, are blaming it on the fact that MT is French Canadian? It seems now (especially after last night's embarrassment against the Jets) that MT's line-blender has just plain confused the players - a new line every night, slow players mixed with fast ones (DSP!!). 100 points or not, this team's in BIG trouble heading into the playoffs. That is, unless (which seems very unlikely) the strategy for puck "placement" and awful line combos changes. Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-22 01:42:23)
    Night, my friend. Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-22 01:16:40)
    It was a nice win, but I was a little concerned about the third period. -And not the defensive side of things: Prust's effort, which Boone rightly points out, is the sort of thing that gives you goosebumps and clearly revved up the crowd; PK's and Markov's handling of Thornton's line was brilliant (though you wonder if poor Joe is, like Marleau and others, in a fit of a funk due to the general mess that is the SJS); lots of good backchecking and penalty-killing; and, yes, PRICE (I was happy that the otherwise annoying Jim Hughson roared "GREAT SAVE by Carey Price!" when he got his nob on the puck. Ouch). What I was bothered by was the Habs' decision to back off at times, when they could have put a dagger in SJS well before Gally potted the EN. One instance comes to mind (though it also speaks volumes about why Eller needs different linemates): DSP, with the puck behind the net, and Eller in the slot, wide open... but no pass. I actually wish I had managed to screenshot it, because I think DSP had his head down, unaware of the scroring chance, and then simply rolled the puck around the boards. But DSP, I think, has been very effective in a physical role, maybe NOT with Eller, though, who just has a higher gear. Other examples of MT's conservative style in the third: most of the lines seemed to revert to dump and chase again, when the puck-carrying/passing plays through the neutral zone led to many key chances in the first and second period (including the beauty play that Plekanec finished). I was still very happy with the defensive effort and - let's face it, peeps: the Habs D-core is looking outstanding at this point, even with the injury to Gilbert (we've got Beau!). I think the boys have the ability to close down games more effectively than they have in the past. And I like the team effort, especially these past two games. Maybe, since that road trip, with strength returning and lines clicking, the team is actually coming together. I'd like to think so. I just hope that MT addresses some of those other details in the OFFENSIVE side: if so, we'll see more goals like Pleks and less white-knuckled final minutes in games... But then, where's the fun in that! Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Rally falls short as Tampa wins 4-2 (2015-03-16 20:31:44)
    Oof. So I missed the first period - meaning the WORST part of this game? At one point this season, that might have been the case and against another team. If the shots/chances (so far as I can tell) were more in favour of TB, I'd be worried about a result similar to the first game against them... Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Rally falls short as Tampa wins 4-2 (2015-03-16 18:34:38)
    Point taken: I accept that Eller's on the right track; heck, MT had the sense to give him the icetime/roles in the playoffs, and he current line with DSP and DLR is darn good. But, two points: 1) I think Eller's been switched around TOO MUCH, hence the confusion, and that we haven't seen him with players that are more complementary to his skillset (and "confusion" aside, we know that Eller's got 1st or 2nd line potential). 2) If MT leaves Eller where he is, the team's getting shortchanged (for reasons stated above). (Back later for more talk! Gotta get some fresh air!) Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Rally falls short as Tampa wins 4-2 (2015-03-16 18:26:48)
    Not sure how you folks feel, but while the chemistry between Eller, DSP, and DLR is nice and has generated some offense, it eliminates the chance for Eller to play where he SHOULD be playing: a top six. The crap thing is that the "success" will guide ol' MT's strategy, and poor Eller will continue to get less ice-time than DD. Now, to preempt all the peeps rushing to DD's defense, I LOVE the kid, but we have all seen that DD does not have to play center, that he can thrive well on a third line with talented wingers, and that this scenario would open the door for Eller's prime position: centre with top players. I confess that I'm reiterating Andrew Berkshire's points from EOTP - "stats weenie" central, you might say. But Berkshire's got some damn good points about the ideal line-up and it's worth checking out. Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose a classic to Tampa Bay in OT (2015-03-10 19:22:56)
    Another test: why are my other comments "awaiting moderation"? Something offensive in there? Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose a classic to Tampa Bay in OT (2015-03-10 19:10:49)
    Don't imagine the boys can light up Bishop? Interesting that they DID when he was with Ottawa... Improved his stance/positioning/etc.? Screw the "hockey gods"!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose a classic to Tampa Bay in OT (2015-03-10 19:07:27)
    We're here, Mike! Screw the "hockey gods"!