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  • Comment on Predictions, anyone? (2013-09-30 12:51:05)
    Appreciate, I always have problems with spelling
  • Comment on Predictions, anyone? (2013-09-30 12:07:24)
    Yup! Came up with my own:
  • Comment on About this season … and next season … and the one after that … (2013-05-10 19:45:06)
    Totally agree with this evaluation of Gorges, Diaz, and Markov. Tinordi will be a regular next year and one of Diaz and Gorges falls to #7 on depth chart. Why is everyone so soft on Price though? Goalies HAVE to be the difference come playoff time. He's won 1 playoff series in 6 years with Canadiens. He's approaching his prime and hasn't improved (if you look at his stats they've gotten progressively worse over last 3 years) - his best years were his first 2. My season wrap up in case anyone interested:
  • Comment on About this season … and next season … and the one after that … (2013-05-10 10:16:32)
    Agree about Gorges, looked like he slowed down this year. What's his role? Is he supposed to be a defensive defenseman (minus the physicality)? He can't shoot, can't carry the puck, doesn't have size. Might be great in dressing room but I think he's fallen to 6th or 7th (depending on where you evaluate Diaz) on the depth chart. Markov looked old at times this season. Agree with Boone - tough winger and large defenseman needed. Very few people mentioning Price. I have no idea what's between his ears. If anyone cares to read my season wrap-up: