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  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-03 10:33:24)
    A woman should not go out at night otherwise she is asking to get raped and anyone who encouraged that woman to get out shares responsibility in the rape if unfortunately it does happen!!! The comments about the hit to the head of Eller follows the same neanderthal logic. A hockey player is responsible for every part of his body at all time and even to the extension of his body which is the hockey stick. An accidental high stick, even obviously involuntary, is an automatic penalty and a stiffer penalty if blood is drawn (even just a few drops). From the results of the injuries, it is obvious that there was a major impact to the head. An impact major enough for a definite concussion and the reshaping of the face and the dental structure. There was probably not an expectation of such "positive" results from the hit. However it is obvious that Gryba, through his hockey instinct, saw the development of a golden opportunity of finding an opponent in a very vulnerable position and was intending to take full advantage of it The goal was to maximize that golden opportunity and make that vulnerable opponent pay as high a price as possible. It is obvious that the hit was mainly to the head. Lars Eller fell right there and was not projected anywhere. Anyway it is irrelevant what percentage of the hit was to the head. That percentage to the head being strong enough to cause that much damage, it is exactly the type of hit to the head that all the related rules try to eliminate. Just like an involuntary high stick incurs an automatic penalty, such a hit to the head should incur some automatic penalty. I heard some commentators even implying that there was not even room for a minor penalty. This even brings me to my pet peeve about the current added suspensions at time issued by the league. It is inconceivable that the perpetrator of injuries resulting from illegal assault returns to play before the injured person. If you ruin someone's career, your own career just finished.