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  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-03 10:16:09)
    All good comments. This game was most definitely impacted by our failure to score on the 5 on 3. If we do that we MAY have gained enough momentum. The fact of the matter is though the game was lost in the net. Price played extremely poorly and gave us no chance to win despite a strong team effort, almost dominant team effort. Don't forget he gave up 4 and even had we counted on the 5 on 3 it was only our 3rd. I am a huge Price fan but he has been hurting us with his poor play for the last 6 weeks and it is time to sit him down. The staff can be as prepared as is humanly possible but if your #1 keeper and one of your supposed stars cannot stop the basic shots he has to, then all the planning goes down the crapper. The team deserved a much better fate than what they got last night. The whole team save for Price and maybe Diaz played outstanding I thought and got nothing for their effort.
  • Comment on About last night … (terse and pithy edition) (2013-05-03 09:46:29)
    I agree 100%. Price is supposed to be the man but he has played brutally for his past 10 starts. Therrien is going to have to take a big GULP and put him on the pines. No way we lose that game last night with even a decent effort from Price. None of those goals were good. He is fighting the puck like crazy and looks totally uncomfortable. His positioning is bad and he is scrambling all the time which he almost never does. He has just lost his mojo for whatever reason and I just don't think we can wait for him to get it back this late in the going. Time to go to plan B. At Christmas time this guy had the #1 job on Team Canada in his pocket for Sochi, now he will be lucky to get an invite or a look. Shame really. For us and him. Just a few thoughts.