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  • Comment on Liveblog: Ducks edge Canadiens on Saku Night (2014-12-19 00:52:55)
    Darche syndrome, do French-speaking coaches have a problem with keeping guys where they belong ???? Hey French-language-mafia : Would you rather have a French-speaking coach or some Stanley Cups ?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Ducks edge Canadiens on Saku Night (2014-12-19 00:48:47)
    right on krob, Campbell is the problem and the symptom, too much old boy network.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one, 6-4 over Boston (2014-10-16 23:29:20)
    Well Jay Baruchel is wearing Price's boxers http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2014/10/15/6985887/jay-baruchel-and-carey-price-star-in-an-intensely-creepy-amazing-club
  • Comment on A day off Sunday in Tampa for unbeaten Habs (2014-10-12 18:23:29)
    "in the washroom" How romantic.
  • Comment on Habs need to regroup after ‘bad performance’ (VIDEO) (2014-04-11 01:08:05)
    On a more positive note: This date in Habs' history: 1974: Yvan Cournoyer scored a hat trick as the Canadiens won 4-1 over the New York Rangers, in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Semi-Finals. http://s28.postimg.org/xhjdshdj1/Cournoyer_Stanley_Cuo.jpg 1976: Ken Dryden recorded his 4th career playoff shutout as the Canadiens won 4-0 over the Chicago Black Hawks, in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Quarter-Finals. http://i2.cdn.turner.com/si/dam/assets/130927124904-1978-larry-robinson-michel-larocque-ken-dryden-guy-lafleur-single-image-cut.jpg 1977: Guy Lafleur scored a hat trick and added three assists to lead the Canadiens to a 7-2 win over the St. Louis Blues, in Game 1 of the Quarter-Finals. http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/45261/Guy-Lafleur_medium.jpg 2004: Jose Theodore became just the 3rd NHL goalie to get 2 assists in a playoff game, when he assisted on both of Alex Kovalev's goals in the 1st period in a 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins, in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarter-Finals. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0JQU-NXrf20/TY-xnpFgTNI/AAAAAAAAB-8/mpIsL8TNAnI/s1600/2297263.jpg Time to create some new notable dates, 2014 Habs !! *from http://www.letiretlebut.com/2013/04/today-in-habs-history-april-11th-edition.html#more
  • Comment on Habs need to regroup after ‘bad performance’ (VIDEO) (2014-04-11 00:51:25)
    Tough? Sure. But 5'10 185 lbs.? Middleweight at best.
  • Comment on Habs need to regroup after ‘bad performance’ (VIDEO) (2014-04-11 00:33:44)
    Galchenyuk out. Is someone ready to come back from injury or is there an appropriate replacement in Hamilton? ( Asume Parros is permanently banished from roster).
  • Comment on Habs need to regroup after ‘bad performance’ (VIDEO) (2014-04-11 00:22:40)
    Parros must retire, for the good of the team and himself. Bergevin/Therrien must remove him from the roster. Not only did he further embarass himself by losing a fight to a guy (Gallant) who is 7 inches and 40 lbs smaller but he is a complete skidmark re: impact in the game. Parros was 0% tonight in CorsiFor Rel and FenwickFor rel. You don't need to be a stats-guru to know that 0% is as bad as can be. Bad,bad,bad.
  • Comment on Habs’ Emelin returns to Montreal for family reasons (2014-04-01 12:04:08)
    @mattyleg re: "They haven’t left them reliant on charity appeals. Jeez, read some of the posts on this page. " The relevant posts and the reports they cite say exactly what you are denying - that the Bozon's are being left to the charity of strangers rather than being looked after by their son's 'employer'. You, yourself, have expressed regret that you don't have time to organize a charity drive and offered to contribute to same. You may have misunderstood the intent of both of my posts below but my point remains the same: the WHL/NHL should, out of their resources, make sure that players and their families are looked after and not left to the charity of strangers.
  • Comment on Habs’ Emelin returns to Montreal for family reasons (2014-04-01 10:31:55)
    That' s my point guys. The CHL/NHL bring a lot of foreign players in yet leave them exposed to these type of expenses, both medical and family. These are multi-million dollar operations. I think it's crappy to leave people like the Bozons reliant on charity appeals when the leagues/teams could make some sort of provision, whether through a formal plan or on an ad-hoc basis, for the welfare of their players/families.