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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-19 01:07:06)
    What a game! 4th line looks great! Sign Weise! Go Vanek! He's the shooting equivalent of good years Kovalev! Sign him! And bring some damn hats to the next game! Price still knocking off rust, but looking good. The Av's are a pretty solid team. Emelin is playing a lot better! Oh man! Habs could be onto something here!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-11 09:11:15)
    I thought that was awesome and showed a love for the team! I would feel the same if any hab did that after a huge goal or a pretty play (which that was, gallagher is a machine built for the playing hard hockey and smiling big!).
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-11 09:03:27)
    I thought that celebration was great! If I was drafted by the habs I would kiss the CH as soon as I had the jersey on. I had no idea that some people had issue with it. I like guys that respect the team and embrace it like that. You need guys that have passion and who don't just think about how their points affect their bonuses/next contract. If someone has issue with it, get over yourself. Galchenyuk was the youngest player in the league last year, he appears very respectful and focused (just my opinion from watching games/interviews/24CH), and he is highly skilled. He can celebrate if he wants too. I thought it was awesome.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-11 07:04:55)
    Finally, a better game by the Canadiens. I could hear the Benny Hill music playing a couple times while they ran around in their own zone after getting up by 2, but thankfully it worked out. I don't know about you guys, but when Galchenyuk scored then kissed his CH I was frickin' pumped. I don't think I have ever seen a Hab do that after scoring. This kid is awesome, thankfully he didn't play much the season he was drafted because he would have went 1st or 2nd overall. GHG!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 16 – St. Louis wins in Shootout, Canadiens set shot-blocking record (2013-11-05 17:04:32)
    I think there was a really good reason for DD's play and his name is Max Pacioretty. Patches with Gally and Chucky..... This could be scary good.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 16 – St. Louis wins in Shootout, Canadiens set shot-blocking record (2013-11-05 17:01:26)
    I would think that if Eller continues to progress this year and Chucky runs with the new centre duties then you try to move Pleks and a D for a scoring winger with size and a solid D prospect. A team like Edmonton may make a deal like that for some decent assests, or any number of teams looking for a solid second line center that kills penalties. DD has to go, horrible move to give him 4 years. Should have only been 2 max. Now, we can't even trade him and if they bury him in Hamilton he still costs 2.6 million against the cap. A la Pierre Houde: "Ay yayay..." EDIT: Just looking over this again and I would wonder if Philly would be interested in a Pleks, Gorges, + trade for Simmonds and Couturier? or Simmonds and Schenn +? Not trying to start a flame battle here, just wasting time at work tonight on office detail lol
  • Comment on Gionta: ‘We can’t expect to play one period and come out with the win’ (Video) (2013-10-23 00:51:49)
    No man to man coverage (or physical man to man coverage) is how the Oil put a couple past price and the 2 on 1's have to stop. Just terrible coverage and no finish for the forward group. If Galchenyuk had a pure sniper to play with he would have 15 assists by now. Damn I hate when the team looks this bad after playing a great period. They have blown how many leads so far this season???? Wake up boys before it's too late! Also, when ppl are healthy, trade Pleks for a scoring winger. Please.
  • Comment on Brière and Prust injured in Habs loss to Predators (Video) (2013-10-20 00:14:12)
    What a crap game by the refs and half the Habs forwards. I'm really disappointed we have desharnais for 3 more years. If I could I would trade Pleks right now for a scoring winger and move Galchenyuk to second line center behind Eller. Brutal game all around. Terrible.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-13 02:29:21)
    What a win!!! Pleks better find a extra level of compete if he wants to stay with the golden boys. Eller had a rough start but settled down. briere is bringing that line down right now. He has to just get the puck cleanly to his linemates. Price was awesome. Simply awesome. Looked confident, efficient, quick. Man, Galchenyuk and Gallagher have the potential to score ever single shift. Unreal. Great job Habs! Also, worst own goal I've ever seen!
  • Comment on Gionta returns to Montreal for family reasons (2013-10-11 16:58:31)
    Hope the best for his family. Lost close family recently so I can empathize. He's gotta be there for support and to take care of things. Take as much time as he needs. This opens up a spot for Bournival on Bourque/Eller line. Just sayin...