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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a nailbiter (2015-01-27 22:47:34)
    Sometimes common sense is forgotten by our man Therrien!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a nailbiter (2015-01-27 22:22:46)
    Switch Sekac and Weise, problem solved
  • Comment on Habs ink three-year deal with Sportsnet for regional TV coverage (2014-09-02 22:57:44)
    Hello everyone, I am a long time reader, and first time poster. What great hockey talk this website provides, it is my go-to for information on the greatest franchise in sports. As many of you all know, Ryan Johansen is in a contract dispute with the Blue Jackets. Having put up 63 points in his first full season with the Jackets, he seems like a legit, franchise centreman. He is a RFA, and does not have arbitration rights this year. The Jackets undoubtedly want to sign him to a bridge deal, but he wants term and more money. I believe he will be paid handsomely, as he is only 22 and a big, physical presence and leader, someone you want to lock up long term for a good AAV. I'm raising this issue because this situation could potentially happen with us, specifically with our future franchise "centerman", Galchenyuk. If he progresses like he should, I can easily see him eclipse the 60 point mark with increased playing time/PP time. We have about 15$ million to resign AG, Gallagher, Bournival, Beaulieu and Tinordi. I am thinking they all get bridge deals at a reasonable cap hit, but who knows? I'm not sure exactly which rights all of our young RFA's have, and what leverage they possess in contract talks. I am wondering, do you all think there is enough money to go around to resign these kids? And if not, then who does management ship out to make this room? Bergevin clearly prefers the youth movement than holding onto vets, so I think it is a real possibility that one our vets is traded. Anyway, I hope this post brings up some healthy discussion, and I look forward to adding to the great banter on this site in years to come :)
  • Comment on Galchenyuk still not skating as Habs return to practice; Price doesn’t make V├ęzina list (with practice video) (2014-04-26 13:51:25)
    I agree with Bournival. The kid just hustles; it seems like every time he is on the ice, he makes positive plays and shows his promise. Easily becoming one of my favourite players on this team.
  • Comment on Eller returns as Habs prepare to face Lightning (2014-04-14 18:41:32)
    Would Beaulieu-Weaver be such a bad 3rd pairing on D? And have Beaulieu QB the 2nd unit of our PP, which has been dismal? 100pts, don't argue with results, blah blah blah...I just don't like the Cube in these playoffs. I'd take youth and talent over experience and diminishing puck skills anyday. Maybe that's why I'm not a coach. Let's go boys.
  • Comment on Therapy day for Habs’ Markov, Emelin and Subban; Pacioretty named NHL’s third star (2014-04-08 10:18:59)
    Hello all. I've been living in London, and been attending UWO for the past couple of years (a native of good 'ol westmount)...Never been to a Knights game before, but I am catching game 3 tonight! I'll keep an eye on big Mike Mccarron, from youtube, that kid sure has some sweet hands for a 6'6 power forward. ill give you all my official scouting report post-game. GHG!
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 14:42:15)
    Just checked the team out on hockeydb...had no idea J.J. Daigneault was a defenseman on that squad. Calm cool and collected Carey. It's scary to think that he is only 26...not even in his prime yet!
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 14:12:04)
    It feels a little bit like '93...who am I kidding, I was 2 years old then. But for real, how does this year's edition of the Habs stack up to our last Stanley Cup winning team? Can Carey channel his inner Roy? Do we have enough scoring punch for timely playoff goals? I know it doesn't seem like we have enough grit for playoff hockey, but I think our boys are up to the task. Feel free to reminisce about '93 and make comparisons to this year's team. I want to hear what the parade was like!
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 13:41:43) Follow this page on Facebook, they post the live stream (RDS) every game...Helps me keep up my french living in London, Ont!
  • Comment on Habs’ Prust out for rest of regular season; Galchenyuk moves to centre (2014-03-21 23:35:53)
    No I have not, but I am not unfamiliar with hard labour...being a Painter would be great, I can only move up from there right?