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  • Comment on Prust will be game-time decision for Habs in Tampa (with practice video) (2014-04-16 07:10:13)
    I got my money on an eastern team. Boston is going down in round 1 so...Pitts then guess who is next? Dark horse is dallas, going to put some cash down on them too jrs10069
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-14 10:29:10)
    Hit on Sedin was not that bad, more from the side then from behind. Given how important the game wasn't, he should have eased up but still not that brutal. Loved the Selanne / Giguere skate around, good to see the pals having fun. Looking fwd to Det knocking off Boston and the Rangers taking care of Philly. Should be fun. jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-13 07:24:22)
    Tampa is in bad shape heading into the playoffs. Bishop hurt and Malone in the can... Poor bastard is screwed. jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 09:20:29)
    Who would you rather get signed? Vanek or PK? jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-06 09:19:02)
    Line 1 is playing with extreme confidence which makes them extremely dangerous and extremely fun to watch. When we get healty and if some people step it up (Eller, Bourque, Briere) could be watching Habs hockey well into the summer. jrs10069
  • Comment on Budaj to start for Habs vs. Sens; Beaulieu called up after Murray suspended 3 games (2014-04-04 13:58:47)
    Hope Parros is playing as the Sens are going to goon it up tonight guaranteed jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-25 07:11:19)
    What a frustrating game to watch. First the Moen incident. If you're going to bother standing up for your teamate then do it. Don't go over and sign a contract to scrap first. Miller is tough, he's smacked Smith on the turds around twice which is why Moen hesitated but just grab him punch him 3 times and then hip toss him into the ice. I feel badly for him, took a good shot to the temple, could be career ending. I don't understand why Parros and Tinordi were not in the lineup. You need them against the Bruins, especially if Emelin is going to be hunting Lucic all night (rightfully so) or your players get hurt period. Weaver is better than Georges, great move by MB. Lucic will get suspended 2 games guaranteed. Agree with the boss, PJ is a total idiot who is way too big for his tiny little britches. Damphousse wanted to smack him out last night. jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-21 05:39:59)
    First period was good, was thinking we'd have another great game like on Tuesday but didn't pan out. Reffing was questionable, calls on Habs were legit but they misses 2-3 on Columbus that they couldn't defend. BG coming down the left side, i get that he's a prick and refs don't like him but D man took his hand off his stick and placed it on G and he went down. Ref was about 2 feet away when it happened.... On another PK went down hard, ref had the whistle in his mouth and it appeared he decided not to blow when he saw who it was on the ice. I get that players do this to themselves but.. Must be the 2 local boys that RDS was sure to identify before the start... Ref #1, some prick from NB and Ref #2, another prick from greenfield park. Noboby gives a shit except their mothers jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-19 08:39:34)
    Agree, it was affecting their play. Now everyone can relax and spread it around. If we could only get our hands on 1 more top D, could be killer jrs10069
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-19 05:43:24)
    What a f'n game!! 4th line was magic though I suspect it had something to do with Bordeleau being on the ice against them, he make Prust look like Crosby. Happy for V but he got shafted out of the Hat shower, perhaps the fans aren't ready to part with their $45 hats just yet. Suspect if he signs and does it again, he'll be able to work on his collection. Who knew that Roy was such a good coach. Not sure if the positive talk during the press conference was because he was doing it at home en francais but what a great supporter of his young talented team. I'll give MT some credit too, despite me asking many times "wtf is bouillon doing on the ice", against a team that fast, can't have Murray in the lineup. Finally, Mckinnon could be most skilled player i've ever seen...what hands and feet and hussle to match. If he stays healthy look out, Wayne's records may be at risk. jrs10069