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Respect the CH ....or don't f&$@in put the sweater on

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  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 2 – 3-1 loss drops Canadiens into 0-2 hole (2014-05-19 17:23:18)
    Its not DUS-TIN DUS-TIN...... its TOE-KER TOE-KER!! Respect the CH ....or don't f&$@in put the sweater on
  • Comment on Habs GM Bergevin “100 per cent” behind Carey Price (2013-05-13 17:54:02)
    What a shocker..... first Gainey, then Gauthier, now Marc Bergevin. I thought maybe he would recognize it..... that Carey Price is not the guy. He may be only 25 but he's been with this team 5 seasons now. In those five seasons...... nothing has changed. He STILL can't steal games, he STILL shows horrible body language when things get tough and he STILL does not have a compete level that matches his f*&kin pay grade! If we were paying this guy an average goalie salary.....thats one thing. I ask any one of you out there...... name a game where Price was the one and only reason we won.... name it! You can't... because it doesn't exist. Name a game where after losing, he was generally PISSED OFF because we lost. He has no fire.... no passion to win. Its Jose Theodore all over again........ a goalie thats the poster boy for the team but can't win it down the stretch. At least Theodore had a Vezina MVP year. Don't hold your breath for that from Price. This idea is like waiting for a unicorn with this organization but I'll say it anyways. PRICE for LUONGO. Send Price home to BC and bring Luongo home to Montreal. He couldn't be worse. Respect the CH ....or don't f&$@in put the sweater on
  • Comment on Liveblog: Capitals at Canadiens (2013-04-20 22:48:25)
    Boone....will you get together with the other Members of the media and be honest in tomorrow's Gazette about the real cause of this recent free fall? It is clearly goaltending and frankly you guys have been way too forgiving and hand holding for a goalie that should be in his prime at 25. He's had the years to become an elite goalie to match the hype and pedestal setting he seems to get with the Canadian media. But he's not even close to that. Name one game Price stole this year.....just one! Truth is he didnt need to be elite for most of the year. The Habs typically scored first and rarely allowed many shots in the first period. So during this time of rare defensive letdown (we're still out shooting almost every team from the drop of the puck) he needs to make those first 10 or 15 saves. I would venture to say that any goalie currently playing for the Bulldogs would have had a better week than Price in that regard. It's time to be honest and call a spade a spade. We'll be golfing by the 3rd week in May no matter who we draw first round if Therrien sticks with the "franchise goalie". Stop the insanity. You've been watching this game a long time. You know when a goalie doesn't have it. REPORT THE TRUTH