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  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-01 18:29:51)
    Mmm, I would consider that to be a "Gainey"... I don't credit Sather for that erroneous trade! I do credit Sather for overpaying in the UFA and trade market, however! A couple names immediately come to mind, such as: Drury, Gomez, Gaborik... Honestly, BM
  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-01 18:01:48)
    Very, very, very happy that Marc Bergevin didn't pull a "Sather" for Keith Yandle. Also, Jeff Petry has no place on the current roster. A horrendous career plus/minus rating playing within a crap system his entire career, with absolutely zero playoff experience... Petry is essentially a younger, inexperienced version of our very own Tom Gilbert, the latter of whom has fortuitously been playing great in recent weeks... This year's crop of pending UFA's is embarrassingly shallow, and I would like think Marc Bergevin will wait until the summer to upgrade any areas of concern. There weren't any "rental-type" players worthwhile to begin with, let alone whatever tripe that will be sitting around Monday afternoon. The organization is best suited to take a run with the current group unless something comes along that makes sense without jeopardizing this team's chemistry and future. A few NHL teams have sat on their thumbs by making recent trades and, consequently, are going to feel the ill-effects of poor management decisions as a result. Honestly, BM
  • Comment on Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens preview: Gonchar returns to lineup for Habs (2015-02-27 16:38:35)
    Okay, enough of the glass half-full crap I keep reading when it comes to certain players and their roles within this organization. To those who think Tinordi will have a long career, think about it... Tinordi continues to struggle and constantly gets outplayed in the few minutes he earns with the big club. He's being passed over on the depth chart year after year, and now 5 years since he was drafted he's entering David Fischer territory, commonly known as "bust". Beaulieu made the jump to the NHL after an appropriate amount of time in the minors, but Tinordi's development just isn't happening. It's time he's packaged (while he still has some value value), potentially with another underperforming nuisance, to help the team's current and future exploits. The list of zeroes that can currently be found within the lineup/pipeline include: 1. Jarred Tinordi - well past his proverbial "best before" development date... 2. Dustin Tokarski - plays like an adolescent version of Tim Thomas... 3. Lars Eller - playing like a 3rd string centre while his cap hit suggests otherwise... 4. Michael Bournival - very fast, not very productive... 5. P.A. Parenteau - the team clearly doesn't miss his lack of speed, lack of production, and cumbersome cap hit... 6. Bryan Allen - need I say more... That's at least $8,000,000 in misappropriated funds that could be better spent, i.e.; a scoring forward. How about packaging Eller, Tinordi, Parenteau and a prospect/pick for Kessel and developing the latter into a Max Pacioretty-type scorer. None of the aforementioned Canadiens' are contributing enough for a contending team. Kessel is a good player on a crap team with a crap coach, crap system, crap management... Ho hum, BM
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-17 00:03:53)
    First! Great defensive effort
  • Comment on No changes to Habs’ lineup against Hurricanes (2014-12-16 17:38:00)
    Ok... who voted 'Desharnais' in the most recent poll LOL
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 02:13:35)
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 00:56:57)
    Absolutely loved watching Emelin level Lucic in the early goings of the game... I'm sure everyone else was equally satisfied watching it replayed on the tube afterwards
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 00:50:35)
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-14 21:49:53)
    Disappointing beginning (and end) to the game. Not much can be said besides that. Best scenario for the Habs is that Boston finishes 4th in the conference and ends up with Toronto on their doorstep in the first round. Honestly, Trickett Mercer
  • Comment on Price will be in goal against Maple Leafs (2013-04-12 17:25:43)
    First time post; commandant: I've been following your analysis' on LWOS for the past year or so and you really do a great job with everything you write. Your knowledge and research of the game (and it's players) are reflected in your writing and that's really great to read as a fellow Habs fan. RE: last night's game, you're right... Buffalo was skating around aimlessly for the vast majority of the game (See: Gallagher goal). The game itself did provide great practice for the Canadiens' PP as well as allow the line combinations to gel more now that Bourque is back in the lineup. Buffalo definitely didn't reflect the compete level of the Canadiens' upcoming adversaries, so I'll take the 2 points with a grain of salt! Toronto, whom I hope the Habs don't face in the playoffs (unless they've beat their way to a pyrrhic victory over Boston in 7 games), will be a different story. Honestly, Trickett Mercer