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  • Comment on Habs getting better every game, coach Therrien says (2014-05-08 14:54:31)
    If Cole had been calling game 3, Vanek's slap pass to Plekanec would sound like this.... He shoots..... he misses the net by a mile... he scores....boy... did Montreal get lucky there...
  • Comment on Habs getting better every game, coach Therrien says (2014-05-08 14:47:50)
    Could not agree more. You are bang on. It's the cheap, behind the ref's back type of dirty plays that guys like marchand and Lucic seem to get away with that puts an ugly stain on our game. I won't say that I want fighting banned from hockey though(yet). I still have an admiration for a player who will say enough is enough, drop the gloves and just throw em'. Lucic is not man enough for that.
  • Comment on Subban is ‘Mr. Big’ for the Canadiens (with practice video) (2014-05-07 14:08:35)
    Matty, completely agree with you about the chanting. I would've preferred the Ole, ole's to start with the skirmishes that were starting to brew at the end of the game. When they started with about 3 minutes to go, I was thinking, here we go again.
  • Comment on Subban is ‘Mr. Big’ for the Canadiens (with practice video) (2014-05-07 13:56:53)
    Maybe you prefer Rene Rancourt's version. Maybe I'm being biased because she's freakin" hot, but the girl can really sing! Rancourt make me feel sick to my stomach. Don't want to think about what that guy does in his spare time, but I have a strange suspicion that one day he will be named in a child pornography ring.
  • Comment on Hurry up & wait: Inching toward Habs-Bruins schedule (2014-04-29 11:57:11)
    Why? So Don Cherry can ramble on about the Leafs and needing another kiss on the lips from Kadri. Then he can argue that Matt Cooke should be suspended for life but that it was ok for Lucic to take out Emelin's knee because Emelin hit him with a clean hit on the previous shift. I'm so tired of that blow-hard.
  • Comment on Habs players enjoying rest after series sweep (2014-04-24 12:18:06)
    Maybe I'm associating this chant with the Na,,na chant to much. It does feel a bit like rubbing dirt into to other guy's faces though. And you certainly don't hear it when the other team scores to tie it up or make it close.
  • Comment on Habs players enjoying rest after series sweep (2014-04-24 11:45:34)
    Not sure if the majority of HIO posters like the Ole...,ole,ole,ole chant at games or not, but would like go on record as saying that, far too often this occurs far too early and when the game is not really in hand. My case in point, game 4 vs Tampa, only a few minutes into the 3rd period, Habs up 3 - 1 and the chant starts. I would've bet my paycheck that Tampa was going to score and shut the crowd up - they did. Then they scored again and i had no one else to blame but the chanters. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the scoreboard start the chant? Or is it a bunch of fans that don't know that a 2 goal lead is very rarely safe? I've even heard it sung when we're up by 1. It drives me crazy and it seems to make our boys lose focus while inspiring the opposition to dig a little harder. I live in a world of Leaf fans and if there's one thing I can't blame them for, is hating Hab fans for the arrogance that we sometimes show. I know we can all say that it's justified because of our supreme dominance in the game since the beginning of time, but shouldn't we be a tad more gracious when we're winning?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-16 13:15:40)
    wjc, i think you're giving way too much of an advantage to Toronto in a battle of fists. I thought Prust got the best of McLaren in their fight and if White, Boullion, Moen, Bourque could man-up, we wouldn't look like a bunch of pussies, that are willing to watch their teamates get cheap shotted. I've been outnubered, outsized before but never let the threat of taking a few shots to the head make me back down from sticking up for my buddies.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-16 12:08:59)
    I agree that Gallahger has been our best player of late, but if we continue to let him take the physical beating that he has been, he'll be watching his team get beat out in the 1st round from a hospital bed. It was great to see Boullion send a message to Ott in Buffallo last week, but why on earth did Therrion not send someone out to give Kadri a severe beating for attempting to get physical with our undersized superstar. I'm sure that Carlisle would retaliate with his goon line, but when the score is 5-1, what are we trying to protect? If not a sliver of respectability?
  • Comment on Price will get start against Flyers (2013-04-15 11:41:27)
    Has there been an update on Prust? Is it the same shoulder? Thinking he might be done for the year if it is.